Intellectually Speaking for Cats and Dogs!

You have a cat or a dog and you do the best you can to care of them. But, have you ever wondered what do cats and dogs really need?

This web site has been designed to help you, the pet parent care, for your cat or dog in ways you had not thought of. You may not find all the answers to all your questions or problems here, but you will find enough information to help you train your cat or dog.

Having a cat or dog is exciting, where else can you find unconditional love with no strings attached? A pet will give you love without caring if you have a great deal of money, drive the latest model car or are number one in the fashion parade.

If you are looking for information on cat nutrition or dog nutrition. There are also many other articles listed in the cat and dog index.

Thinking of traveling with your cat or your dog you will find helpful information that will lead you through the process of getting ready to go, including help if you are .

If getting a kitten or puppy is on your mind, you will find articles to give you valuable information on what to expect and how to get ready for that new arrival in your life.

There is a contact page where you can write and ask questions, offer suggestions or give opinions. You will never need to worry that your information will fall into the wrong hands, as all information is secure and will never be given or sold to anyone.

The resource page offers products that I have found to be beneficial for both humans and pets.

The Links page will take you to places that are fun and also filled with excellent information on cats and dogs.

Many years ago I made a promise to all the animals that have come into my life at various times, that I would do my best to inform the people of the world how important pets are.

Since I first started this website I have been rather serious about pet care, but with the help of my granddog Sadie, I am now venturing in a new direction and my blog is going to approach pet care from a dog's point of view.

Sadie has agreed to share her points of view regarding the cat and dog world and will give us all pointers on how to be more aware of the things that are important in a dog or cat's life.

I hope you will join us in this new venture and visit Sadie Dog's Blog!