New Dog Age Calculations

The world we live in is ever-changing and we are learning to live in a state of "flux."

What worked for us yesterday, more often than not, does not work for tomorrow and so goes our old way of telling our dog's age.

Researchers have decided that the method we all grew up using to tell our dog's age is nothing more than an "old wives tale" and needed to be corrected.

The simple method of taking the human year and multiplying it by seven dog years is currently not the proper way to figure out how old you dog is in human years.

The new method is not easy to calculate as you really need a chart.

Some researchers say that the true way to calculate a dog's age depends on the size of the dog and its approximate weight.

Smaller and medium sized dogs live longer than large sized dogs.

In my research I found many methods, all of which made sense, but seemed too complicated for a "not very savvy computer user" to put into a chart, and so I went simplistic.

The chart you see below is my reproduction of a chart I found on, which I found to be the easiest to understand.

dog years

age of dog

human years

human years
5 mo.

10 yrs.

13 yrs.

68 yrs.
8 mo.

13 yrs.

14 yrs.

72 yrs.
10 mo.

14 yrs.

15 yrs.

1 yr.

15 yrs.

16 yrs.

80 yrs.
2 yrs.

24 yrs.

17 yrs.

84 yrs.
3 yrs.

28 yrs.


88 ys.
4 yrs.

32 yrs.

19 yrs.

89 yrs.


20 yrs.

93 yrs.
6 yrs.

40 yrs

21 yrs.

96 yrs.
7 yrs.

44 yrs.

22 yrs.

99 yrs.
8 yrs.

48 yrs.

23 yrs.

103 years
9 yrs.

52 yrs.

24 yrs.

106 yrs.
10 yrs.

56 yrs.

11 yrs,

60 yrs.

12 yrs.

64 yrs.


Now that you have been enlightened and your ten year old dog suddenly feels and acts younger, I will close feeling that I have made the world a better place, at least for our aging dogs.

Independent Thought:

When thinking of a dog treats for your little one, pedigree does not really matter. Children usually have a thing for puppies that come from a dog rescue mission.

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If You want to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

Your dog's physical age is one thing; but their internal age has everything to do with dog health. The more active and happier your pet, the longer they'll live. Be sure to compare dog food before you shop since not all diets are created equal. Also be sure to walk your pet, check your dog for fleas, visit the vet and provide the most important ingredient of all: love.

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