Cats aren't Bad! They are Misunderstood

Cats aren't bad, they are just misunderstood by their owners. They are cats that are bored, they need to be stimulated or they need re-direction.

Cats are great pets; they love to cuddle, (well some do) they love to play, they love to scratch and they are born climbers.

So how can doing all the things a cat is supposed to do be bad?

It's easy if your caregiver does not understand you and expects you to sit around all day and look pretty.

Cats need activity, they need stimulation and they need some attention.

Many people think that a cat's life consists of napping all day, eating and then grooming themselves.

Not so.

A cat needs things to do and if you do not supply some of the things for a cat to do, a cat will find its own entertainment.

Cats by instinct need to climb, scratch, stalk imaginary prey, jump and play.

Understanding that, you with a little thought, can re-direct your cat's energy in another direction, so that it can accomplish the purpose it had in mind, without destroying the household.

Above all do not yell, scream or hit your cat. Cats do not understand or respond to punishment. Punishment only creates fear. Cats respond to praise and kindness.

Eliminating all forms of punishment and replacing it with treats and "Good Kitty" praise is a start in the right direction.

Cats are really trainable, a sharp "NO" will do wonders, as will clapping your hands. Cats hate loud noises and will be distracted from doing what they were thinking of doing.

The bad part for us is that you have to be present when a incorrect behavior is going on in order to correct it.

If you had started young, when your cat was a small kitten and corrected a "bad behavior" as soon as you saw your kitten doing it, (instead of thinking it was cute) you would have saved yourself a barrel of trouble.

As boredom is the cause of some cat mischief be certain to have plenty of cat toys around.

Play with your cat. A wand with a toy or some feathers on the end of it is a great way to play and tire kitty out. A tired cat will not get into trouble.

An indoor/outdoor cat can find many interesting things to do outside, but an indoor cat without help from its caregiver needs stmulation.

As your cat's cargiver you have the responsibility of teaching your cat/kitten "right from wrong." I realize that cats are not dogs. I know they have their own mind set when it comes to what they will or will not do.

However, if the problems you are dealing with are not medically caused, more than likely they are a result of your own ineptness in correcting the problems as they were starting. Cats aren't born "bad cats," their caregivers through lack of attention allow them to become so called "bad cats."

Presumably you did some research on cats before you went out and adopted one.

You realized that once you brought kitty home you had made a commitment.

Making that commitment is a sacred charge, rather like a marriage vow stating that in sickness, health, mischief and furballs, you two will last 'till death do you part.

No one said that this commitment would be easy, it is a situation where both you and your cat will have to work together to make it work.

You, being the brains behind this operation know what you want kitty to do and what you don't want kitty to do. So it is up to you to provide direction for the cat.

Building a mutual bond of trust between you and your cat is the first step. Praise or give treats and praise when kitty does something you approve of.

If you are dealing with a kitten and kitty does something you disaprove of (like getting on the table) gently pick up kitty and as you put him/her on the floor say "No" in a fairly loud voice (do not scare the kitten.) Walk away from the kitten and do not give it anymore attention for a few minutes. After a few times of doing this, kitty will understand that getting on the table is not an acceptable thing to do.

However, if you have neglected to correct a bad habit that has been going on for a period of time see correcting cat behavior for ideas on what to do.

Cats are intelligent and sensitive creatures dependent solely on us, their cargegivers.

They are trainable. It is our duty as a cat caregiver to provide the things that a cat needs to satisfy its normal instincts. Cats need toys, scratching posts, places to hide, high places to climb on to and love and attention from you.

If you provide these things, correct "bad habits" as they occur and play with your cat, you both will live happily ever after.

Independent Thought

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