Cat Glossary Sources

The following sources have helped in making this glossary what it is. I give my sincere thanks to each one and I hope that you, as an Internet user, will visit their sites and enjoy what they have to offer. Offers great descriptions on most of the cat breeds, it has a wonderful cat glossary and covers behavior and health issues regarding cats. Joanna Roslyn Machin is an expert in animal behavior and provides great incite into many behavior problems. This site comes to us from the UK. Dr. Plechner has dedicated 35 years of his life to animals, both domestic and wildlife. He has provided a large animal medical glossary that is relatively easy to understand. His site also includes much of his published works and presentations. Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine is one of the world’s top veterinary schools. This site provides not only a glossary, but it covers just about everything from A to Z regarding the school, animals and people. It is well worth an Internet visit. Is an English site that offers a great self-explanatory glossary along with information on cat care, a cat picture gallery, a cat shop, cat games to play and much much more. This site is part of an organization called Cats Protection, one of the UK’s leading cat welfare charities. It is over 75 years old, has 29 adoption centers and over 260 volunteer run branches in the UK Offers a glossary of descriptive cat colors and has a forum where people write in with cat problems and other people help them solve the problems. What a great site, you could spend hours and days reading everything this site has to offer from a huge glossary to humor beyond compare. Our cats say “Messybeast is the best.”