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Sadie Dog's Blog Index has been created to help you find articles that Sadie has written, that are no longer listed in our current blog article area.

We are listing them according to their titles, without regard to subject matter, they are in chronilogical order.

Sadie Dog's Articles

Who is Sadie?

Animal Shelters

Become a Foster Pet Parent

The American Bulldog

Snoring Dogs! Can You Believe It?

What to Do When a Stray Dog is Loose

Who Is Smarter - the Cat or the Dog?

Getting Your Dog to Come When Called

Anxiety Attacks - How to Help Your Dog

Apartments and Dogs

The Weight Loss Challenge

What Is Your Dog Saying

Have Dog - Will Travel

Stop That Yelling

Things to Look for Between Your Dog's Checkups

Is it Possible to Keep Kitty Safe

Why Should We Spay or Neuter

A Dog's Ears Aren't Just for Hearing!

Avoiding the Litter Box

The Vicktory Dogs

Simple Dog Health Tips

If One Can Be Fun - Two Will Be Better

Adopting and Adult Dog!

Bone Up on Pet First Aid!

What Puppies Really Need!

Do You Have a Velcro Dog?

Moving to a New Home Can Be Tough on YOur Dog!

Roadside Adventures Geared for Dogs!

What If Your Cat Has Bad Breath?

Do Dogs Grieve?

Words of Warning!

Bits and Pieces of Cat Information

Disaster and Pets

Skin Tumors on Dogs

Finding the RIght Veterinarian

Anal Sac Problems in Dogs!

Magnets for Pets!

What is Happening to the Vicktory Dogs?

Suddenly My Dog Won't Eat!

Do Dogs Feel Stress?

When to See the Vet!

Optimum Pet Health

Pet Preparation Prior to Disaster Striking

Hairballs and Cats!

Timid, Shy or Scared to death, Doesthat Describe YOur Dog?

Can My Pet Make Me Sick?

Do Dogs Think?

Boarding! - What are Your Options!

It's a Small Small Dog World!

A Little Extra Weight Can Mean a Lot!

I am Your Puppy!

Do Dogs Need to Play?

Pets and Indoor Allergies

Understanding Your Pet's Language

Degenerative Joint Disease In Cats!

A Common Eye Disorder that Can Lead to Blindness in a Dog!

Children and Cats!

Getting Rover to Come When Called!

The Real Power of a Pet!

Helping Your Dog Get Slim!

Possible Blood Disorders Your Dog May Have!

Want to Love Longer? Get a Cat!

Pet Wills, Trusts and After Care

Bringing a Second Dog Home

Getting a New Puppy/Dog!

Halloween! It's Here,It's Here!

Keeping Your Cat's Ears in Tiptop Shape!

Kennel Cough - Can We Treat It?

Piddles Puddles of Excitement!

Why Can't We Live Our Lives Like Our Dogs?

The History of Dogs

Have a Happy Holiday for You and Your Dog

Bringing a New Cat Home!

Easy Holiday Shopping!

Camping with Your Dog!

Common Joint Disorders!

Feeding Bones to Your Dog!

Travel Tips to Keep Your Dog Happy!

Have Dog-Will Travel!

Is It a Sex Drive That Causes Dogs to Hump Things?

Ear Mites in Dogs!

Pudgy Puppies!

Feline Acne!

An Easy Way to Fit a Dog in Your Life!