It's About Me! But, It Can Be About You, Too!

Site Build It!

I started this web site late in December of 2005, we are now in 2008 and what a whirlwind trip it has been.

This web site has succeeded far beyond my wildest dreams; I have published a book “So! You Want to Get a Cat,” found my niche in writing, not only about cats and dogs, but about health and wealth. Not bad for a great grandmother of four with another great grandchild on the way!

Now, why am I mentioning this? Simply because before I was nagged to death by my husband and youngest son, I would never in any of my wildest dreams have ever thought I would accomplish what I have, in such a short time! I thought about writing when I was a child, I dreamed about publishing a “real book,” in fact I still remember the name of my dream book, “How to Grow a Garden on the Moon.” I guess the title proves I did have lofty ideas.

I have proven to myself that anything is possible, if you believe in yourself. Of course, sometimes it helps if you have someone nagging at you, but the real truth is, if you have the smallest desire or notion that you can or want to do something, no matter how lofty the idea, try it, you might be amazed at what you can do.

If you are dreaming about teaching the world some of the things you know, if the idea of making a little extra money, turns you on, or if, it is just seeing your ideas in print for the world to see. Isn’t it worth the effort to try?

If you are a retired person like I am and have a passion for something and by something, I mean anything from building birdhouses to recipes for 101 ways to make gingerbread, there is a place for you.

Why wait and let time fly by, wasting our precious allotted time here on earth is sinful.

When tomorrow comes, today will be gone forever. It is what you do with today that is important.

Why? Because you have exchanged a day of your life for it and you do not want to let it fly by, by doing nothing and regretting the price you have paid for it.

If you are a stay at home mom, someone who needs extra income, and have a need to express yourself and/or find a way to make extra income, this is where you begin.

A web site of your own is the starting place. With Site Build It, you will have find yourself in a place, where with a little effort on your part you can be up and running within a few days, work from home and begin the life you have dreamed of.

Having a web site opens many doors, it gives you a chance to write about things dear to your heart, teach people about things such as gardening, caring for pets, skin care, cooking ideas and the list goes on. Each of us, whether you realize it or not have within us, a wealth of information that someone else would give their eyeteeth to know.

What you don’t know, you can research on the Internet, go to the library and read about, or subscribe to a few journals on the topic of your choice. There is nothing stopping you from your success, but yourself!

It is possible to make money by having your own website, I am doing it and doing quite well I may add. It is possible by being an Inforprenuer.

You provide your readers with information that is free and useful to them and monetize your website with Adsense Ads and with Affiliate Marketing Tools that are available.

There is a whole New World out there, just waiting for you to experience it.

If you have tried other things and found that they did not work for you, that does not prove that something new and a little more tailored for you will not work.

If your car breaks down, you do not throw it away, you take it to be repaired, it may need new parts or an adjustment to make it run again.

That is the way it is with our lives, you cannot throw away an attempt at success just because one little thing failed. You didn’t stop cooking because you ruined a recipe a long time ago, you kept on trying!

Ask yourself this, “are you planning on winning in this thing called life”, or are you waiting to lose?

Follow in my footsteps, it matters not, how young or old you are, you can do anything you have set your mind to do. I have just proven it to myself and, until my dying day, I am going to continue to do the things, I thought in my youth were impossible.

Come join me! I have really enjoyed creating this site for my visitors and learned a lot about websites and teh Internet by using Site Build It! That is why, when I discovered that some people had gotten together and created a Google bomb trying to malign SBI!, I had to post an announcement for my visitors regarding it. A good review is balanced and will give pros and cons to a product. But a Google bomb is all about doing harm and manipulating search results. If you are doing your own due diligence on SBI!, you need to read the Site Build It Scam site that gives the background on those scathing reviews so you can tell the difference.

Site Build It!