Affenpinscher - The Monkey Dog

Allergic to cats, having trouble with mice or do you just need a bundle of fluff to love?

The Affenpinscher (German for Monkey Terrier) is a wonderful, mischievous and active dog.

The dog originally came from Germany, where it was primarily raised to catch rodents on farms, in the stables and at businesses. However, it soon became a member of the household as a rodent catcher during the 18th and 19th centuries and finally wormed its way into becoming a household pet.

The Affenpinscher is a small dog that thinks big, it is strong willed, can be stubborn, adapts to just about anything, loves to play and makes a great family pet.

They weigh roughly 10 pounds and are approximately 9 to 11 ½ inches tall with fur that is rather rough and dense.

Affenpinschers look rather ragged, as they have a circle of longer hair that comes off their shoulders, giving them a monkey look. They require brushing several times a week. Most people keep their coats clipped.

They come in many colors such as black, grey, silver, black and tan or a black with a of mixture of red, grey and silver.

As they have minds of their own, they are a little hard to housebreak. Having a crate and a schedule that follows a definite routine works best with the puppies.

Affenpinschers are generally quite healthy with a few known problems. Make certain that you ask your breeder, if the parents have been tested for knee and eye problems.

Though the dog’s primary aim is to please its owners, they do best in households that do not have very small children. Due to their size, a toddler can easily injure the dog through play. They do best with older children and adults.

They can get along with other pets, however, due to the fact they are rodent catchers, other small pets may be considered prey by them. They are fearless if challenged by larger dogs.

Proper supervision is really necessary to protect both the Affenpinscher and the other pets.

This is a dog that needs to attend a puppy kindergarten class and needs to be exposed to all types of people and social events. The dog is an excellent traveler, as it is very adaptable to circumstances and events.

If you can spend a goodly amount of time with this dog (as it does not like being alone) and enjoy a bouncy, feisty piece of fluff this is the dog for you.