Animal Shelters

Hi, my name is Sadie, as you can tell I am a dog, and as a dog I have a pretty good insight as to what goes on in the world of dogs.

It is almost the start of a New Year and one of my primary goals is to try and make this year a great one for dogs and cats all over our country and if I am lucky all over the world. Many countries do not treat animals well and maybe with a little help from me they will see the error of their ways.

My purpose right now is to let you know just what your local animal shelter is doing. Most animal shelters in our country operate using approximately the same set of rules. Many people think that the main purpose of an animal shelter is putting animals that people no longer want to sleep, but that is so far from the truth.

First of all most animals shelters like the ASPCA are not funded by local or state governments, they rely solely on your contributions and volunteer support.

Imagine if you will, the tens of thousands of cats, dogs, birds, rabbits and other animals that are under the care of animal shelters. The numbers are mind boggling. Yet, many people think nothing of depositing their unwanted animal at a shelter without a thought of the problem they are creating because of their lack of caring.

I am one very lucky dog as my mom and pop pop care very much for me and my playmate Mr. Yule. We get super care and we appreciate it very much.

But, I think about all those other unlucky dogs, puppies, cats and kittens that have been left to fend for themselves or are dropped off at a shelter tied to a post or stuck in a box. Can you stretch your imagination and think of how scary it is for those poor pets.

My purpose here is not to make you feel bad, but to help you realize what an animal shelter does to help pets and to gain your support for your local animal shelter.

Shelters rescue animals from homes where they receive very little care or are abused. Many are so sick, starved or just plain neglected that they have to be euthanized because they are beyond help.

Animals that can be helped are given medical treatment, love and are rehabilitated in an attempt to find forever homes for them.

One of the major problems animal shelters have is finding volunteers to help them retrain dogs (especially) who have behavior problems. Almost all dog behavior problems are caused by owners that have no interest in really caring for their dogs. We dogs are very quick learners, and are eager to learn anything you want us to do. I am a good example of that. Just ask my mom.

Animal shelters help socialize animals, so that they are comfortable with people and know how to interact with other dogs/cats.

Animal shelters spend thousands of dollars providing medical care to sick and injured pets.

Most animal shelters have succeeded in starting foster care programs (a project that is dear to my heart) where pets get to live in real homes while waiting to find their forever home.

Many animal shelters offer low cost spay/neuter programs to low income families in an effort to stop over population in the animal kingdom.

Their most important job is finding forever homes for all the pets that come to them. Many offer pet education programs to teach children the proper way to take care of a pet.

They provide emergency care for lost and found animals until their parents can come and get them.

They help in disaster planning and rescue efforts in the time of a disaster.

They investigate cruelty and neglect cases and seek punishment for those responsible.

They even encourage estate planning for pet owners, so that when they are gone their pet can be cared for.

Animal shelters are wonderful and humane places granted it would be a better world if we did not need such places, but life being what it is they are here to stay.

My purpose in writing this is to remind all you humans that you need to act responsibly when you are thinking of getting a pet. Please do not think of us as a disposable item, something that can be discarded and left on its own.

And my other purpose is, as this New Year begins, to ask you to donate what you can to your local animal shelter. You will not only make yourself feel good, you will be helping so many of my brothers and sisters feel a little better about themselves, and help them to find forever homes.

Happy New Year!

Sadie USA, LLC