The Art of Living According to MIss Kitty

It is said that you cannot teach a cat much of anything.

Cats do what they want, when they want and only if they really want to.

To teach a cat a trick takes patience, more patience and a good slab of tuna as a bribe.

Cats seldom look stressed and most of the time are seen in a horizontal position.

What is it that cats know that we do not?

Why do cats seem calm, cool and collected, when we wander about feeling stressed, upset and sometimes just plain cranky?

Granted cats do not have to go out and earn a living, pay the bills and tend to all the household chores most of us have to deal with.

They do not have a “bully boss” or nasty co-workers to ruin their day.

Yes, they do seem to have a life of ease, but they have a unique way of looking at life that we could learn from.

Cats have learned that they do not have to please everyone, actually they only have to please themselves and that is lesson number one for us to learn.

I have been told that there is no better person to be nice to than you.

Who cares more about you than you?

We know this intellectually, but do we practice it?


Why not?

Simply because we think it is selfish to do so.

We have been brainwashed, trained or forced to believe that in order to become a “good person” we have to bend over backwards to please other people.

Dogs have a genetic wiring that almost compels them to be people pleasers, cats do not.

So let us for a moment think like a cat.

It is dinnertime, the phone rings and what do we do? We get up to answer it and let the dinner get cold.

What would your cat do, if it was eating dinner and the phone rang?

A cat considers mealtime a time to enjoy what it is eating. A cat will eat slowly enjoying every mouth full.

Cats do not have indigestion or stressed caused ulcers. If the phone rang and a cat could answer it during mealtime, what would it do?

Simply let the machine answer it and deal with it later.

Now why do we not do the same thing?

Cats do not live by the clock. Okay, we have to, to a certain point.

Work, children and life demands we live in a timely world, but there are some things we can do to take away some of that stress.

Cats only eat when they are hungry and stop when they are full. Just because the clock says it is lunchtime does not necessarily mean we “have to eat” especially if we are not hungry, but how many times do we do it anyway?

Eat when hungry and stop when full, what a great idea.

I realize that you cannot follow that rule 100% of the time, but try it once in awhile and see how free you feel.

Sleep is another thing cats do at will. When they are sleepy they sleep.

Once again I know we live in the real world, but how many times have you had an opportunity to take a nap and you really wanted to and didn’t?

Learn to relax and let go. Your body will love you for it.

Cats love to stretch. There is nothing like a good scratching post or tree to claw and stretch those muscles. It feels good and is great for relieving “stress.”

If we could learn to take time to stretch if only for a moment or two every time we feel the tension of the day creep through our bodies, we would feel so much better.

Stress causes our bodies to tense up, muscles get tight, our neck or shoulders will start to burn or ache, we may get a headache, but do we stop to take a moment to stretch and release that tension?

Of course not, we just plod on.

A cat knows better. A good stretch loosens their muscles and lessens the tension and they are ready for any “fight or flight” occasion.

A cat purrs for two reasons, one to show pleasure and the second reason is when they are in pain or scared. It is a form of disassociation from the problem when they are in pain or anxious. You could call it a type of “cat meditation.”

We can’t purr (okay, we can, but it sounds awful,) but we can take a moment to breathe deeply or sit quietly for a minute or two in order to calm our mind and regroup our thoughts. Closing your eyes and shutting down you mind for even a moment or two will do you, the situation and your body much benefit.

I realize we cannot live the life of a cat, but we can learn from Miss or Mr. Kitty.

Watch your cat; notice how it relaxes. Take time to pet your cat.

Five minutes petting your cat can lower your blood pressure for almost 24 hours. Stroking kitty’s fur can relieve your tension headache, listening to your cat’s purr will help you breathe easier as it has a great calming effect.

Cats really know how to live life; they have mastered the plan, now it is up to us to learn from them.

Watch, learn and live.

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