Why Can't People Be Responsible?

Gram and I are sitting on the patio discussing pets and people in general. Gram has had an interesting experience this week with animals and we are wondering what is wrong with people who get them and do not take care of them.

Gram got adopted by a young male kitten on Wednesday of this past week and then on Friday along came a very young male puppy. A search of Gram's neighboring area could not come up with an owner for either one.

Gram is keeping the kitten and lucky for the puppy, my Mom found someone who would take it and raise it in a forever home.

It is hard for my Gram and Mom to understand why people go to the trouble of getting a pet and then turn in out without another thought.

Gram put up several signs around her neighborhood advertising both the kitten and the dog, both did not get a response and neither did a call to her local animal control office asking if anyone reported having lost a kitten or puppy.

Gram and I worry about the state of our world, we do not worry to much about the wars and stuff like that, we worry about the attitude of people towards other people and most of all toward helpless animals.

Why is it that many people have the attitude that animals (mostly cats and dogs) can fend for themselves? That they can find food and shelter in a city where hundreds of people are homeless and are searching for food themselves.

In the days before civilization became so crowded, animals could hunt for their food and find it. Shelter in those days was any port away from the storm. Today what most stray animals find are people chasing them away and scraps of food, if they are lucky in a dumpster.

Many people have the idea that animals are disposable items and their lives do not matter, if they live they live and if they don't, so what.

This drives my Grandma mad and upsets me now that she has explained it to me. I am a lucky dog and so is Mr. Yule, we have parents that really and truly care for us and they would rather not eat if it meant that we would have to go without food.

I guess the reason Gram and I have got on this conversation, is that we want people to realize the importance of responsibility when adopting a pet.

When you take action to become a pet parent, you are taking an animal away from an area where someone else could adopt it, therefore you owe that pet, a promise to care for it, and if you find that you cannot, you owe the pet an opportunity to find a new home, and that is your job. Turning a pet loose in a neighborhood or on a country road is not finding the pet a home. That is literally signing its death certificate because not all people who find lost pets are as caring as my Gram and Mom.

So if this article has helped one person realize the importance of being responsible in caring for a pet, Gram and I have done our job.

Until next time, I remain

Your Sadie

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