Things to Look for Between YOur Dog's Checkups

Gram and I were having our usual Saturday afternoon conversation and somehow the conversation got around to trips to the vet and what should be done in between times. Personally, I really don’t mind going to the vet, but I seriously think my vet is just a wee bit scared of me. For a girl dog I am rather imposing, if I say so myself.

Anyway Gram and I really got into this conversation and I am going to relay some of what we talked about.

Somehow, weight got into the conversation, I really don’t like to talk about weight, as I am very conscious of how I look and I know a pound or two shows.

If in between vet visits your dog looks and/or feels like it has lost some weight and you have not had him/her on a weight reducing diet, several things could be wrong. Unexpected weight loss can be a sign of a disease of the digestive system, heart disease, diabetes and such things as arthritis. Pain can cause a dog to start eating less, especially if it has a mouth, nose or throat problem.

Now excessive weight gain can come from over feeding, though we, dogs, will never complain about that, but it can be a warning sign. A sudden increase in food intake can be a sign of hypothyroidism or Cushing’s disease, (which is a disease of the adrenal glands and can affect the liver.)

Another thing my Gram says and I have to agree, at least once a month we dogs should be brushed, our toenails checked to see if they are too long and to checked over for those nasty old fleas. My Pop keeps our yard fairly well clear of fleas and thankfully we do not have any ticks. Mom gives us a once a month flea treatment and my pal, Mr. Yule and I are thankfully flea free.

Also, if you should see your dog scooting along the floor, it is time to get their anal glands checked. My Gram says, let the vet do it, as it is pretty smelly and there could be other problems involved.

If you have a new puppy, it is important to keep a check on its teeth. Make certain they are growing properly, some dogs have double rows when the baby teeth do not fall out and your vet needs to take care of that.

If you have a puppy that does not seem too active, it maybe suffering from low blood sugar, this is common in small dogs. It is caused by lack of food or a serious liver or intestinal illness.

If you have a puppy this is a good time to get him/her used to having its nails clipped?

Older dogs, just like older people can have problems too. Whitish eyes can be normal with older dogs or it can be a sign of cataracts, which need to be tended to by the vet.

Gram says any unusual lumps or bumps should not be taken lightly, they should be checked over by your vet. Even if a bump has been judged benign by your vet and it suddenly is growing larger, it should be checked again.

Older dogs really need to be checked monthly for bleeding gums and tooth problems, along with their ears. Smelly ears need to be checked by your vet.

My Gram urges you to watch your dog, as it grows older for signs of arthritis. If your dog should show signs of slowing down, having problems getting up or down or seems in pain contact your vet. Older animals need exercise, but with slower and smaller walks.

I hope this have given you some insight in caring for your family pet. I love having these Saturday afternoon chats with my Gram, we share a few treats and have great conversations.

Until next time, I remain

Your loving Sadie

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