Bits and Pieces of Cat Information

My Gram came over today and we decided that maybe we owed “cats” a little more time on my blog. Since I am not a true lover of cats and really only like to chase them, an opportunity I “do not get at all,” cause my Mom won’t let me and when I go to my Gram’s, all her silly cats hide.

We decided that Gram should take over this column and I will just take it easy today and see if I can find a squirrel or two to chase up our oak tree.

Cat Ear Problems

Ear mites are usually the cause of ear problems in outdoor cats, but if a cat is an indoor cat there could be many other causes of ear problems. Other possible causes can be allergies, excessive wax production, a bacterial infection, fugal infections, fleas, or some foreign material inside the ear. All of these conditions require a visit to the vet for evaluation and medical treatment.

There are ear mite medications on the over-the-counter market, but if you have a multi-cat household the best recommendation is to go to see your vet, as the mites can be passed on from cat to cat and the store medications do not always work.

My Cat Won’t Eat

Cats in general are known to be picky eaters for the most part. But, if your cat is suddenly not eating, it is time to visit the vet. Cats rely on their sense of smell in order to eat. If by chance they have a nasal infection, nasal blockage or a cold, more than likely they will not eat.

Cats tend to hide the fact that they have a health problem, it is a matter of protection for them. So it is up to you, their caregiver, to be alert to any changes in their behavior.

Cats have to eat, it is very important that they do not miss too many meals or you will have more serious problems on your hands.

If you cat is sticking its nose up at what you are serving it, if it is canned food at a little hot water to it, that will entice the aroma. Heating the food in the microwave for a few seconds, will also do the same thing. If you are feeding dry food, try a little tuna water on it or clam juice on it.

Cats that refuse to eat will have to be force-fed either using a syringe or a small kitten bottle with the hole made bigger. I have a cat that will eat only raw beef and will not eat cat food and I have to feed him every day to make certain he gets his vitamins and necessary minerals.

I suggest a visit to the vet if you suddenly are having cat-eating problems.

Holistic Remedies can eliminate Cat Allergies

Allergies can cause your cat, whether it is an inside cat or an outdoor/indoor cat, many problems. There is nothing worse that watching your poor cat scratch and scratch and you know it does not have fleas.

The things that can cause us allergy problems are things that can make your cat’s life miserable. Ragweed, pollen, dust mites, chemicals, pesticides, household cleaning products, household aerosols and even hair spray can cause your cat misery.

Holistic veterinarians say that allergies must be treated from the inside out. Holistic vet Joanne Stefanatos of Las Vegas says, “ you can clear up about 60 percent of your cat’s allergies by putting your cat on an organic diet and providing pure water for the cat to drink.” Hippocrates said in 400 B.C. “Let food be your medicine,” and according to Dr. Stefanatos that is the truth.

Homeopathy involves identifying what your cat is allergic to and then giving it extremely diluted doses of that particular allergen. Something an owner can do at home, as it will be given in oral drops.

To find a holistic veterinarian, if you are interested, visit the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association at their web site or call 410-569-0795

Why do Cats Knead Soft Feeling Things?

Some cats will suck and knead things made of wool, as long as the cat is not pulling and trying to eat the wool, you have no problems.

Why do cats like to do this to cozy blankets or pillows? It reminds them of Mom and of the days they were a kitten. It is possible the cat was taken away too young from its mother, all though cats that had a “good childhood” will also do the same thing.

A great number of cats do it when they are anxious or stressed out, it calms them down and there is nothing wrong with it. Reducing what is causing their stress will help, as will spending more time with your cat and playing will, too.

A Deadly Threat For Female Cats

We all know the importance of spaying your female cats. Not only do we eliminate the chance of unwanted kittens, but we are potentially saving a female cats life.

Spaying your female cat at an early age prevents the the development of the mammary glands and thus reduces your cat's chances of developing mammary cancer at a later age.

Pyometra is a potentially fatal disorder in which a pus-filled uterus becomes grossly distended and if not treated is apt to burst.

According to Michelle Kutzler, DMV,PhD, an assistant professor of clinical studies at Oregon State University's College of Veterinary Medicine, pyometra is the result of infection by opportunistic bacteria that migrate from the vagina to the uterus and colonize there.

If the cat goes through a series of "heat cycles" and does not become pregnant, the endometrial tissue increases in size and becomes clogged, the immune system becomes impaired, and problems begin. In 99 percent of the time surgery is required, which is very delicate and serious, and probably very expensive.

So the important thing to remember if you are getting a female kitten have it spayed early, it will be a small price to pay. In this case it is an ounce of prevention to future problems.

Well, I think my Gram has worked hard enough by herself on this blog and now I want her to come and play with me. So we will be saying “goodbye” for now. Until next time I remain

Your Sadie