The Brittany

The dog I chose for this article is the wonderful Brittany. If this does not sound familiar, it is because back in 1982 the AKC dropped the word “spaniel” off the breed, which had been known as the Brittany Spaniel.

In my mind it still has that name, but for the sake of true recognition, I will refer to this wonderful dog as the “Brittany.”

The Brittany originated in France and is considered a hunting or gun dog. This breed goes back more than a thousand years, it was recognized in the art world during the 17th century and literature gave the breed a boost during the 19th century.

The Brittany is a medium sized dog that resembles a Welsh Springer Spaniel, which is no surprise as they share many of the same ancestors.

This dog is a true blue hunter. It is a water dog and land dog. The Brittany has a keen sense of smell; they point, retrieve and will hold its prey. This dog was born to run and hunt.

The Brittany loves people and can be trained not to hunt; however, due to its love of birds, rabbits and other things that may require a bit of doing.

The Brittany is a dog that requires an active family. A family that loves the outdoors, as the Brittany is a high energy dog that requires mental and physical stimulation.

A Brittany’s first love is hunting and left to its own devices will do just that, hunting anything that comes along.

Brittany’s like children. Children that are over the age of 4 years, as the dogs are active and playful, younger children might get knocked over and hurt.

Though the Brittany is an active dog, it has a gentle side, too, some Brittany’s think they are lap dogs, while others are satisfied to be told they are wonderful while accepting treats.

They are curious, enthusiastic, very agile and eager learners. A Brittany will live to be about 13 to 15 years of age. They are relatively healthy dogs, need minimal grooming, and their coat color is either orange and white or liver colored and white.

They are generally good with other dogs. Cats and smaller animals (especially birds) can be questionable, as they are true hunters and the instinct to hunt can never be erased.

Overall, a Brittany will make a great pet, as they are loving and loyal, all you have to understand

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