The American Bulldog

As a perfect example of an American Bulldog, I, Sadie thought it would be only appropriate if I educated my readers on who and what is an American Bulldog. It has come to my attention through my Grandma, that many people do not know what kind of dog I really am, and one person did not know that girls could be bulldogs (imagine that.)

So I will begin with a bit of a history lesson. There are two types of American Bulldogs, the Standard (Scott) and the Classic (Johnson). I happen to be a Johnson bulldog, which means I am a large dog with a Mastiff head and a bulldog style lower jaw. The Standard (Scott) bulldog is somewhat smaller than me and has a longer muzzle.

We both are strong, sturdy, extremely intelligent (of course,) confident, loyal, friendly, like other pets (well maybe not squirrels and cats, too much) and are considered work dogs.

Both breeds originated in this country and English Bulldogs are part of our ancestry. English colonists brought over their bulldogs when they came to settle in this country and the dogs were used as farm dogs, catching livestock and protecting the family and stock from intruders.

The American Bulldog still today closely resembles the old bulldog of the days of colonists. These dogs were found mainly in Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama and the Carolinas and were called many different names.

As time went on the breed began to dwindle down to a precious few and it was not until the 1960’s when two men, John D. Johnson and Alan Scott decided to bring back the breed from being totally destroyed.

My breed, the Johnson is larger and somewhat more bulldogish (if there is such a word.) We were bred first for our form and then for what we do best. We were used mostly as show dogs and for personal protection.

While the Scott breed was bred mostly for their working ability and is smaller than I am. Depending on the breeder and the location where the dogs are bred not all so-called Standard Bulldogs, are really a true Standard breed. Every breeder seems to have their own variation as they combine the different variations from both the Scott and Johnson breeds. Many of the Standard breeds have been mistaken for the American Pit Bull Terrier most likely due to the longer muzzle.

The American Bulldog and it matters not which family we come from are very good family dogs. We are worker dogs (that is why I help my Pop-Pop) and we are very loyal to our families.

As a breed we are well balanced, have a short coat, lots of muscle, have great strength (even the girls,) endurance, intelligent, alert, self-confident and are very agile.

We love children, but with little children you need to be careful as we really don’t know our strength and can knock them down and hurt them.

We need to be socialized as young puppies as we love people and need to be around them, however we do need a firm hand at times, and a Mom and Dad that mean what they say.

We are very interested in what our parents and other people are doing and we are interested in everything that goes on around us. I spend a great deal of my time supervising various projects that my Pop-pop does around the house. When Mom has visitors I tend to get right in the middle of the conversation and join the girls at the table for great hen sessions and snacks.

We are a wonderful dog to have around, however you need to be the boss, teach us right from wrong with a kind hand and be prepared to have a dog that acts like he/she is almost human (we think we are.)

Until next time! Bye!