Cats and the Stars

With the approach of spring, the birth of spring flowers and of course, the birth of new kittens, I thought it would be fun to do some teacup astrology on cats.

Now what is teacup astrology?

It is my idea of giving you just a little bit of information on the sign of the Zodiac your kitten or cat was born under.

I know you know that astrology is used for humans, but it can be used for all of God’s creatures.

Astrology is a science based on the combination of math, astronomy and psychology.

This combination of planets, moon and sun at the time of our birth not only influences the way we will behave as humans, but will also affect the way our cats behave.

The influence is not the same for humans, as it is for other creatures including cats

The influence is determined by the actual nature of the living organism, in other words humans because of their nature are influenced one way, cats because they are cats another and so on down the line of living, breathing beings.

Whew, that was a little on the serious side and this is supposed to be fun.

So to wrap things up, let’s get on with the signs of the zodiac, remembering, that this is just for fun and not meant to be the gospel truth.

This is a combination of research on the web, some books I have read and my life experiences of living with cats for a long time.

The Aries Cat (Mar.21 – April 20)

If you are looking for a bundle of energy that finds sitting still boring, an Aries cat is for you. This kitty loves running, climbing, hunting and is known to be a night owl.

If it is able to be an indoor/outdoor kitty it will bring you all sorts of “lovely” gifts from lizards to whatever.

This cat has a tendency to be accident prone due to its thinking, that if fast is good, faster is better and this applies to climbing and all the other mischief it can find to get into.

The Aries cat is impatient, when it is hungry, it expects to be fed, right then and there, woe is you if you oversleep in the morning.

An Aries cat was meant to play, it loves its toys.

Aries are friendly cats and likes anyone who likes cats, however, an Aries cat will ignore people who are not cat lovers.

Like the ram that is its zodiac sign, an Aries cat uses its head to request pets and to open things like doors.

An Aries is also a fighter, it has no fear and if something attacks it, it will fight back.

An Aries needs attention, playtime with you, and an established routine, along with a place to run.

Aries are good with children, can be jealous of other pets and are impatient.

People who are Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces would make good understanding care-givers for this cat.

The Taurus Cat (April 21 – May 21)

The zodiac sign is a bull, but this cat is really a pussy cat.

The Taurus cat LOVES routine. It wants to be fed at the same time, played with at the same time, take naps at the same time, any change in its routine will create an upset. If you do not live a routine type of life this is not the cat for you.

The Taurus cat loves to eat and eat some more, next to routine living and the security it brings, food comes next.

This is a good cat for a working person as it does not mind being home alone all day as long as this is the routine.

If left alone, however it would enjoy the radio playing soft jazz or classical music

A kitty condo that doubles as a scratching post would make the Taurus cat very happy, as it would enjoy the shelter a condo gives.

The Taurus cat likes people on its terms, it does not like to be the center of attention.

Being a cat that likes routine, it also likes the “same old toys,” no need to worry about buying new ones to keep him/her entertained, the old is best.

Taurus cats are generally healthy, but because food is primary, keep an eye on its weight.

Taurus cats seem to have a need to put things in their mouths; they chew cords, shoes, blankets and anything else they can find lying around. Watch out for pins, needles and anything that can be harmful.

Cancer, Virgo, or Capricorn people are best suited for this laid back cat.

The Gemini Cat (May 22 – June 21)

Gemini is the twin sign of the zodiac and a Gemini cat is like having a set of twins.

This is a cat that loves the outside, seeks adventure and can get into more mischief that a dozen other cats.

Gemini’s are interested in anything and everything, if it can be moved a Gemini cat will move it (not the heavy stuff,) jewelry, belts, pens, anything that can be moved will be.

This is a cat that needs the outdoors and if an indoor cat should be leash and harness trained as a kitten, so it can be taken outdoors for walks in the park.

This high energy cat needs toys that move and make noise, balls with bells, squeaky toys, ping pong balls, a Gemini loves toys.

Health of a Gemini is pretty good, however if its energy cannot be used up they tend to get depressed and have nervous disorders. They are also prone to sort of a compulsive behavior, each cat has its own agenda and no amount of scolding will stop it.

Gemini cats are great with toddlers as a rule, they may howl if their tail gets pulled, but will come back for more. The noisier and the more active the house is the happier the cat will be.

It would love a dog to chase or another Gemini cat to play with.

Best pet parents are Aries, Leo, Libra or Aquarius.

The Cancer Cat (June 22 – July 23)

Cats born under the sign of Cancer are extremely affectionate and loving.

If you want a cat that that sticks to you almost like glue, a Cancer cat is for you.

If the cat is to be an indoor/outdoor cat you will find that it will stick very close to home and really prefers the “creature” comforts of the inside.

Cancer cats are very sensitive, loud voices scare it and once in awhile it will appear moody or pouting, but those moods are short lived.

This is more or less a lap cat.

Cancer cats are not very social as they prefer their family to strangers.

This kitty does not need many toys, however it prefers soft cuddly things, like soft furry mice, yarn balls and even wadded up paper.

The full moon has an odd affect on this cat and during a full moon you may see it act strangely. Just let the kitty be and soon she/he will return to normal.

Due to the sensitive nature of this cat, if it is under any stress it is prone to stomach problems.

This cat also seems to love young children as long as they are gentle.

Because of its loving nature Cancer cats seem to be born nurturers. After the first shock of a new pet arrival, a Cancer cat will generally move in and start mothering the newcomer.

The best parents for this cat are Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn or Pisces.

The Leo Cat (July 24 – August 23)

Leo the Lion is what this cat thinks it is.

Actually the Leo cat believes in the saying that “cats have staff” and you are it.

Leo cats crave attention, they love being fussed over. You can brush this cat all you want, even bathe it and it will wear a lovely shiny collar very proudly.

Leo’s believe they were meant to rule the house.

If a Leo does not feel it is getting adequate attention; they are bound to stir up some sort of mischief like knocking something over and then look very innocent.

A Leo prefers to be called to dinner and then served on a clean plate, if the food is not to its liking, it will just walk away.

The Leo cat does not mind being alone while you work, just be certain you fuss over him/her when you get home.

If Leo is an outdoor cat be prepared for many gifts of dead mice and birds;

A Leo likes to be near you, but is not especially a lap cat or one that wants to sleep with you.

They are social and like people who pay attention to them.

Toys have to be action ones, balls and squeaky ones are best, along with a nice high scratching post condo.

A Leo cat is not overly fond of children, but if they fuss over him/her, they will accept their pets.

Health wise Leo’s are quite healthy.

If you have other pets or intend to get more, be prepared for the Leo cat to show its dominant nature.

Leo’s rule.

Best parents for a Leo cats are Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and Capricorn.

The Virgo Cat (August 24 –September 23)

Virgo cats are cautious creatures, they like to check everything out in order not to be surprised in the future.

Virgos are solitary cats that like peace and quiet.

They prefer their daily life be routine with no surprises.

They are finicky eaters and will only eat what they want. A Virgo cat would rather go hungry than eat something it didn’t like. (My cat Smokey will only eat raw beef and would literally starve than eat anything else. I force feed him a vitamin supplement in order to keep him healthy.)

Virgos are outside cats by nature, though many make great indoor cats. Because of their solitary nature they do not mind being alone and can even handle a weekend as long as the food supply and litter box are available.

Virgos are friendly, but not affectionate, they like to be near you and will accept a scratch or two and then they go off.

They are not social cats and do not like strangers or people other than family.

As far as toys are concerned they would rather play with a rubber band or a milk bottle top.

Virgos are patient hunters and will lay in wait for its prey for hours.

Health wise they can be allergic to fleas and have other skin problems.

A Virgo cat is not very fond of children, as they are too noisy and other pets coming into the household can have a traumatic on the Virgo cat.

Possibly because they are solitary cats, Virgos have a tendency to become dominant in their behavior over other cats.

Best pet parents are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo or Capricorns.

The Libra Cat (September 24 – October 23)

The Libra cat is the most social cat of the zodiac and is very happy if it is considered a real member of the family.

Libra cats believe they are human and expect to be treated as such. They love to have conversations with you and will meow appropriately in response.

Libra cats are very interesting, because they think they are furry people they expect to be treated as such.

Sleeping in bed with a family member is expected, eating when you do is expected, (actually sitting at the dinner table with two paws up would be the preferred way,) rather than down on the floor near the table.

A Libra cat is a happy cat that loves being near or on its people.

This cat can stay alone all day, but some will suffer from depression as they are people cats and need the interaction.

Libra cats have trouble deciding what toy to play with and daytime naps are never in the same place twice.

Some Libra cats tend to make strange sounds at times that can be scary, why they make them, only they know.

Libras are beggars and tend to have weight problems as owners feed them too much.

Children are fun to play with and Libras get along with children and other pets, as long as the Libra cat gets plenty of love and attention.

Libra cats are not fighters and if it is an outdoor cat it will stay close to home and not get into any squabbles.

Libras are prone to kidney and bladder problems and changes in litter box habits should prompt you to take a trip to the vet. Best parents for a Libra cat are Libras, Taurus people and Cancers.

The Scorpio Cat (October 24 – November 22)

The Scorpio cat is (in my opinion) a feisty scoundrel in cat’s clothing. In all my research on cats, everyone has said “cats do not hold grudges.”


The Scorpio cat does not only get mad it gets even.

From my way of thinking the only time to be with a Scorpio is when it is a kitten.

The Scorpio cat needs to be disciplined when it is a kitten, because if you wait, the Scorpio cat will rule you.

As I write this I am wondering how you discipline a strong-willed intense cat.

From my experience I guess you just become a “strong NO” person.

Scorpios have an intense stare that they will use even to stare down a big dog.

They are demanding, they will do what they want, when they want to, they like to be in high places (refrigerator) and they are not very social.

Scorpios love the outdoors as they feel they are the protectors of the home, plus Scorpio’s are hunters, bugs, lizards, mice and birds, beware.

Scorpios do not need a lot of toys, however, they prefer ones in animal shapes that they can toss around. A Scorpio cat loves to play hide and seek with you and likes chasing games.

Children and other pets are not a Scorpios cup of tea, it is best as an only cat.

This is a great cat for someone who works all day and is not looking for a soft cuddly cat to love. As long as there is plenty of food and water and space to roam, a Scorpio is happy to do as it pleases.

Best parents are Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn or Aquarius.

The Sagittarius Cat (November 23 – December 21)

The Sagittarius cat, no matter how old it is will always be a kitten.

This cat is always happy, playful and believe it or not, is “clumsy.”

Along with being clumsy, a Sagittarius cat is messy, it is a messy eater and water drinker and seems to think the litter needs to be outside the box as well as in the box.

Sagittarius cats love the outdoors, if your Sag is to be an inside cat, train it early to walk with a leash and harness.

The outside is a wonderful place to explore and that is what a Sagittarius loves to do.

Sagittarius cats love furry toys and more than likely you will hear it playing in the wee hours of the morning.

Children and other pets will get along with this cat.

Sags are healthy, but are accident prone partly due to their curiosity and clumsiness.

Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius or Aquarians make the best pet parents.

The Capricorn Cat (December 22 – January 20)

Of all the signs of the zodiac, a Capricorn cat is the hardest to define. Its characteristics change with its mood or whatever is required to get what it wants.

Capricorns are crafty little critters and will have you doing things for it, without you even being aware you are being conned.

Some people say Capricorn cats are stubborn, however I think persistent is a better word. This cat will not take NO for an answer and will figure out a way to subtly get what it wants.

A Capricorn cat can be moody and sometimes will go off and sulk for hours at a time, when the mood is over it will be happy and playful again.

Caps are very clean and will spend hours grooming themselves after they have played in the dirt or rolled all over the floor.

Possessiveness is one trait Capricorns have, they do not like to share their toys and usually keep them hidden. Even when playing they do it “in secret.”

Capricorns seem to be born “old” even as kittens they seem mature.

They are social up to a point and have been known to annoy people who do not like cats, on purpose.

A Cap enjoys children and other pets, however DO NOT bring a Gemini or Sagittarius pet home and expect peace.

Caps are usually healthy with one fault, they tend to have periodontal disease and need to have their teeth and gums checked regularly.

Caps are loyal friends and like a peaceful environment that is fairly quiet and routine. Best pet parents are Taurus, Cancer and Virgos.

The Aquarius Cat (January 21 – February 19)

If you are looking for a cat that does not sleep much, is extremely curious, very sociable and lives life with a passion, an Aquarius cat is for you.

This cat zooms around the house like its tail was on fire, needs love and affection and cares very little about what you feed it.

You can even be a little lazy about litter box duty.

On the negative side, Aquarius cats have been known to be hard to litter train because they have a short attention span and possibly bad memory.

An Aquarian cat is always interested in what going on next.

Aquarian cats really do not need a variety of toys as they seem to play with whatever is within easy reach, no matter what it is.

Health is not a problem, sprains, broken bones and scrapes and cuts seem to be more of a problem. The activity level of this cat along with its curiosity seems to attract these types of problems.

The Aquarian cat gets along with children and other pets, but stay away from Capricorn and Aries, if thinking of getting another pet.

This cat needs an owner who will allow it freedom to explore and be silly when the mood strikes.

Gemini, Sagittarius and Aquarius signs make the best parents for this cat.

The Pisces Cat (February 20 –March 20)

If you are looking for a devoted, loyal easy going cat, get a Pisces. This cat is about as laid back as you can get.

This is a cat that will not make demands, does not need a regular routine and is as patient as they come.

Pisces are sweet, love to be cuddled and loved, along with being sensitive to your moods.

If you are sick he/she will stay with you, until you are well, taking only quick potty and food breaks.

Playing with toys is not one of its main joys. Pisces do not like noisy toys, if they are even interested in playing.

Pisces will enjoy children as long as they are gentle and other pets will be ignored until the Pisces cat gets around to checking them out.

If a Pisces likes the new pet it will a friend for life, and if it doe not like the new pet, Pisces will ignore it and stay out of its way.

Taurus, Cancer or another Pisces are good choices for another pet.

Health-wise Pisces are prone to respiratory problems and overweight as they are not active cats. Best pet owners are Taurus, Cancer and Pisces.

Well, that is a teacup synopsis of the signs of the zodiac. I hope this has entertained you and possibly made you understand your cat a little more.

For more information on the various signs surf the “net” or buy a book.