Cat Lovers Guide to Dating

Holiday parties are brimming with possibilities of meeting a new someone to date.

Dog owners seem to have less problems dating than true cat lovers.


Most people readily accept dogs as family members.

Whereas, many people (especially men) consider cats sneaky and smelly.

Sneaky, cats are not; smelly, blame the owners.

If you are a cat owner entering the dating arena, there are a few important things you need to consider.

Odors are the worst offenders in any relationship, be it personal odors or pet odors, both have to go.

Your home is a personal expression of you.

You can come across as someone with good taste and style that has a cat or you can present a picture of someone that has a cat and doesn’t care who knows it by its smell.

Housekeeping is essential if you have a pet, be it cat or dog, but extremely important if you have an indoor cat and of course, a litter box.

Keeping the litter box clean is vital, not only does it keep odor out, it keeps your cat happy, too.

Scooping out the box twice a day, and when the deposit is especially smelly, does not require much effort.

Doing this keeps odors at a minimum.

Cat hair on everything is another picky point. I know you can’t be well dressed without cat hair, but men seem to hate wearing it.

So, what’s a girl to do?

Brushing kitty helps, using a mini-vac is a great idea, a sticky tape roller is good or when no guests are around use a sheet on the sofa to collect kitty’s hair.

Many people are offended to see a cat walking all over the counters, tables and everywhere else.

I currently have only 3 cats, but our household has had as many as 6 cats at one time and I can honestly say none have ever been counter or table walkers.


The first time the first one tried it, I calmly picked it up and put it on the floor with a “good loud NO” and after two or three times, that was it.

Somehow the word got out to the others, as they came along and no one has ever jumped on the counter or table, since that first time.

Therefore, I know you can teach your precious baby not to do it, too.

Remember, nothing happens unless you put forth some effort.

If you have a cat that is spraying around the house, my first question is, have you had it neutered or spayed?

It matters not, that your cat is an indoor cat, spaying or neutering is extremely important. Not only will the spraying stop, but your cat will be healthier.

Granted a neutered or spayed cat will spray if under stress, but you can help reduce the stress by using a product called Feliway. It comes in a spray or a plug-in diffuser.

Feliway is also recommended for litter box problems, as long as the problem is not an “unclean litter box.”

In this blog I have an article called “Miracle in a Bottle” that explains a little more about this product.

If you have taken all the things I have discussed under consideration, your home should not “smell.”

The next thing to consider is what I call “dating etiquette.”

Dating someone for the first time is a thrilling and scary experience at best, but it is rather important that you mention you have a cat or cats early on in the beginning of the relationship (date.)


Well, many men and women have allergic reactions to cats (or so they say.)

My feeling is if you are a true blue “love me, love my cat(s) person it is best to get it out in the open as quickly as possible in order to survey the situation.

In solving allergy problems, I am not an authority, but there are ways and means to combat allergies, if the situation warrants it. However, the person just may not like cats or is afraid of cats and it is important to know that early on so you (they) can decide what the alternatives are, if any.

Many anti-cat people have been converted to pro-cat people, however you as the cat person have to be willing to compromise.

Keep in mind that when you find a compatible relationship, it is worth extra effort to find a way to compromise and have the situation work.

In the days gone by we used to say ”a good man/woman is hard to find,” so I say when you find that good one, do whatever it takes to make the relationship work. There is no reason that you, kitty and that wonderful person cannot make beautiful music together.