The Day after Christmas

Christmas has come and gone and at our house we have a new dog. Yep, Mom and Pop-pop finally brought home a new friend for me. I am not certain I like him, he is definitely interesting, full of life and steals my toys.

His name is Walter and he is a one year old Otterhound. What is an Otterhound, well, in my eyes he is one ugly dog, looks like the bad end of a dust mop. Mom thinks he is cute, I will stand aside with my opinion.

We are getting along, sort of, we do not share our sleeping quarters as I am not that kind of a girl, however I think we will become friends as it looks like he is here to stay.

In light that many households have new puppies, I decided to re-publish my Gram's little poem about the Day After Christmas for you all to enjoy.

It was the day after Christmas and all through the house
Every creature was stirring, even the mouse.
The stockings were empty and all thrown about,
The children were grumpy and starting to shout.

The toys were all played with, some broken in two,
And the new puppy found something to chew.
Poor Momma was crying, she was very upset,
Cause the day after Christmas, she had to visit the vet.

The puppy, a darling, mischievous and cute,
Had eaten the leather off her new boot.
Its tummy was full and bloated a bit,
It started coughing and throwing a fit.

Poor Momma was worried with the pup in the car,
Very grateful was she that the vet was not far.
The meeting took place, the pup’s future look dim,
The vet wasn’t certain that he could save him.

An ex-ray or two, a poke here and there,
Was something the poor pup could hardly bear.
Then suddenly a noise from the pup grew quite loud,
And up came the leather, this pleased that slim crowd.

The pup gave a burp and started to bark,
It acted quite silly, like this was a lark.
The lesson to learn from this long silly rhyme,
Is every new puppy needs to be watched all the time.

Do not let your puppy, roam free in the house,
Cause it will eat everything, including the mouse,
Puppies are cute and curious, too.
But they need watchful eyes from Momma and you.

To keep a pup healthy can be a big chore,
Make safety a factor, keep stuff off the floor.
A puppy need toys, the kind it can chew,
Cause giving it toys, can save your stuff, too.

In closing this rhyme, I just have to say,
A pup needs your guidance each and every day.
Be watchful and careful, leave nothing to chance,
Cause a pup will eat everything, even the plants.

I hope Clement Clarke Moore who wrote the famous poem “Twas the Night before Christmas,” will forgive this feeble attempt to copy his style.

This was written “tongue in cheek” as a reminder to all those households that received a new puppy for Christmas that a watchful eye needs to be kept.

Puppies are fun, but they require a great deal of care and nurturing.

It is with that thought in mind that I ask all you new “pet parents” that you take the responsibility seriously.

Happy New Year.