Dog's Health A Holiday Note!

Keeping you dog healthy during the holiday season can almost be a full time job.

Keeping them safe from the usual things like chocolate candy, tinsel and from chewing on Christmas light cords require vigilantes, but watching what goes into their tummies is even more important.

For what ever reason guests seem to think that slipping a bite or two of forbidden food is okay during the holidays.

What they fail to realize is that rich food can create some serious problems for the dog and you.

Veterinarians see more “dog vomiting” cases during the winter holiday season than at any other time of the year.

Things such as turkey skin, rich gravies, sauces and cookies can create a life threatening case of acute pancreatitis.

What is pancreatitis?

The pancreas is a glandular organ located beneath the stomach and small intestine.

It aids digestion and controls the blood sugar by pumping out enzymes and insulin.

Pancreatitis develops when the enzymes responsible for digesting fats are released too early.

This can be caused by normal medical problems, but when an attack of vomiting occurs suddenly, it is usually associated with fatty and rich foods, especially at holiday times.

An attack can be very serious and even be fatal.

Some breeds are more prone to it than others, however there is no way to truly know if a particular dog is predisposed or not.

Miniature Schnauzers, miniature Poodles, Cocker Spaniels and some Terrier breeds seem to be the most prone to the problem.

Though vomiting can be a sign of many internal problems in a dog, some serious and others not so serious.

However, if your dog vomits several times in the space of 12 hours, a trip to the vet should be your top priority.

The vet may prescribe medication for the nausea and pain along with the possibility intravenous fluids and in severe situations, blood transfusions may be necessary.

So what should you be on the lookout for?

Do not feed or let anyone else feed your dog any of the following: sauces, gravies, dressing, pie crusts, skin off of any meat, cream or cream cheese, mayonnaise, eggnog, along with chocolate candy, buttered popcorn or anything that is rich, creamy or has high fat content.

How can you prevent anyone from being tempted to feed your beautiful brown eyed friend?

Have a bowl of dog treats available and advise everyone that, if they want to feed your dog that is what your dog can have as, “Fido” has a very sensitive stomach and it will have diarrhea if fed anything else.

Another good idea is to have your dog in a room that is quiet and away from the partying crowd.

An ounce of prevention is definitely worth the time and effort to keep your pet healthy and keep you from the expense and extra trip to the veterinary clinic.

Happy Holidays!