How Do You Feel About Cats?

Are you aware that it is difficult to be “indifferent” when it comes to cats?

You either belong to the “love cat group” or the “hate cats group,” there does not seem to be an “indifferent group.”

Dogs, birds, fish, horses and other animals can claim full title to the “indifferent group” of how people feel about them.

I have heard many people say “I don’t care one way or another about this or that animal,” but when it comes to cats, it is love or hate.


I truly do not have an answer.

It seems that at some point in a person’s life they form an attitude about cats and it stays with them for most of their lives.

Cats throughout the course of history have maintained a certain power over human kind.

No other animal has ever been as worshipped or despised as the cat.

Cats are traditionally known as solitary creatures, they hunt alone and they are very happy in their own company.

Ancient times have created many mythologies in which cats have played an important part in the forming of the world.

Most of it is myth, folklore and fairytale, but somehow the idea that cats have a certain physic power or a relationship with evil seems to hang on.

Of all the animals created in the Universe, the small ordinary cat has created the most interest and has fascinated people from all worlds and times.

Whether they were worshipped or considered devils, cats have captured the interest of people. Ignoring them is something we have never done.

Many people consider cats part of the supernatural world.

In some places black cats are considered unlucky and in other parts of the world black cats are considered lucky.

In some Eastern religions, cats still play a part in their culture.

Here in the West for the most part cats are considered pets.

Looking into the history of the world, without cats I wonder where we would be or if we would be.

The Egyptians realized the importance of cats, thousands of years ago, when they learned to stockpile grain for future use.

Without cats, the mice and rats would have eaten all the grain and spread plagues throughout the country.

The Egyptians worshipped the cat and many of their gods resembled cats in different ways.

A cat was a treasured possession in those days and anyone who intentionally or unintentionally killed a cat, was killed also.

The Egyptians mummified their cats when they died and also mummified mice, so that they cats would have food in their next life.

The Romans and Greeks were next in realizing the importance of cats and though they did not worship them, cats were treated as members of the family.

However, as time went on cats did not have the life of leisure as they know it now nor were they worshipped.

Back in 1233, Pope Gregory IX hated cats and launched the extermination of thousands of cats.

The mice and rats enjoyed a holiday and the black plague raged through Europe causing many people to die.

It didn’t take long for cats to regain some favor in Europe.

The history of cats is very interesting; they have helped preserve our world, as we know it.

If there were not cats on board trading ships, there would have been little or no product to trade.

Mice and rats would have consumed most of the goods.

The settlers in our country would more than likely have been wiped out by the plagues that mice and rats created.

Granted there was a time when cats were considered part of “black magic” along with witches, here in our own country, and maybe that is why the stigma of superstitions about cats still exists.

There are many legends about the lives that cats have saved throughout the ages and many stories about how certain species of cats were created.

In truth however, there has not been another animal in our Universe that has had such an interesting life as the cat.

If you are a person that has not liked cats, take a moment to reconsider “why” you don’t. I will bet you, that once you think about it, you will not have a real good reason for not liking them.

Take some time to read a little about the history of cats.

In fact, right on this site you will find an article on cat history, just go to the “cat index nav bar.”

In closing, no matter what your feelings are about cats, I would like to leave you with this story about Noah and the Ark.

It is said that in the course of creating the Universe, God created the cat, while the devil created the mouse.

The Ark was a ship made of wood and the devil sent the mouse to gnaw a hole in the ship in order to destroy it and the animals.

However, the cat, being the able creature that it is, caught the mouse and killed it.

With the help of a frog that crept into the hole, the ship was saved.

The moral of the story, according to me, is that the cat “killed two birds with one stone” (forgive the pun).

The cat saved the ship by killing the mouse and the frog learned that it could live both in the water and out of the water.

Now is that not a good enough reason to like cats?