Kitten and Puppy Information Guide

Happiness to a lot of us is having a warm cuddly ball of fur on our laps, be it a puppy or kitten, it matters not, as long as it is warm and furry.

It is with that thought in mind, that I am writing this blog, in hopes of giving you, the future or current pet owner, a quick reference guide to some articles that may help or guide you in the choice and/or care of your new pet.

If you are thinking of getting a purebred cat, but are undecided has a site which offers a questionnaire you can fill out with your preferences in a cat. It will then show pictures of certain breeds that fulfill your stated requirements, plus a great deal more information.

If you are interested in finding out the “Top 10 Mistakes New Cat Owners Make,” wander over to where you will learn what not to do.

They also have another great article on “Cats for Beginners,” where you will learn some interesting things concerning your new pet.

I have recently fallen in love with web site that is called it is filled with all kinds of interesting “cat stuff.”

Also I have found that is a good source for information.

Now that I have alerted you to other sites and what they have to offer, I think it is time I blew my own horn.

My website, which is part of this blog is filled with some great articles to help you decide if a cat or kitten is what you want and I offer tips on the care, nurturing and feeding of your cat.

By a flick of your finger you can find, by going to the “Cat Index,” such articles as Thinking of Getting a Cat/Kitten, or maybe you have found your cat/kitten and want to be ready for it, by reading Getting Ready to Help Your First Cat Feel at Home you will be well on your way.

You will also find articles on Spay or Neutering, Fleas, Ticks and Other Parasites and Cat and Kitten Diseases plus many more to help you and your cat feel comfortable with each other.

Getting a puppy/dog:

Lively, fun and irresistible are what puppies are. Who can resist that squirming bundle of joy?

Finding the right puppy/dog for you and your family should not be a spur of the moment decision.

On my website you will find an article called A Dog to Fit Your Lifestyle which will give you some idea of what kind of dog you should be looking for.

Also, offers great incite to what you should be “thinking” and “looking” for before you make that big decision.

For help with training, actually for both a cat or dog, log on to, here you will find a site that has many good suggestions for making your pet a welcome member of your household.

While right here, with the help of your mouse, you have access to many articles that will aid you in raising your puppy.

By clicking on the Dog Index you will find many titles such as Getting a New Puppy, The Wonderful World of Housebreaking and Why Train Your Dog? to help you get your puppy/dog off to a good start.

My personal suggestion for anyone thinking of getting a puppy, please read the ”I am a Puppy” letter found in this blog.

One of the best sources for books on dogs is this site has every book imaginable, not only for the adult to learn about dogs, but for older children who have an interest in the family pet.

Having a dog or cat is one of life’s greatest joys.

It requires time, patience, and commitment, so before you make the big decision, do some research and learn what is expected and what kind of dog is the best for you.

Whatever you do, do not get a cat or dog on a spur of the moment whim. You are not doing yourself a favor and you certainly are not doing the cat or dog any favors.

Take you time and choose the right one for you

Happy Holidays.