Why Can't We Live Our Lives Like Our Dogs?

Every once in awhile I bet you look at your dog and think, “boy, that’s a great life he leads.” You know what! It is and we should follow Fido’s example.

Now you are probably wondering what is my reasoning behind that statement?

I know that your dog has a great life, most dogs do. They have no mortgage payments to worry about, they don’t need a car and they do not have a job to go to every Monday morning. So how can you or I follow our dog’s example?

Granted unless you win a lottery or a rich uncle dies and leaves you a fortune, we all are going to have to work to pay our bills and keep a roof over our heads. That is not what I am really talking about. What I am talking about is how a dog faces its life’s challenges. There is a lot to be learned here.

First of all, dogs do not worry about tomorrow, they haven’t a clue about what happened yesterday, and all they are concerned about is what is happening right now.

This is where we humans can learn our first lesson. Most of us are always worrying about tomorrow, next week or a year from now. There is not much we can do about these things, but we clutter our lives and upset our nerves by worrying about them.

If that is not enough, we take on the thinking of what happened yesterday, last week or when we were 12 years old. We carry around old hurts, bad feelings, and old mistakes. We forget that the past is just that, and there is little if anything we can do to make it better.

A dog lives in the now. To a dog this minute, right now, is the most important time of its life. In the life of a dog, there is no future and the past is just that, all gone.

What a valuable lesson that is for us. We clutter our lives with the past and worry about the future and we hardly notice what is happening now. What is happening now, is what will create our past and our future, it is the most important time of our life, and how much notice do we give it. Not much, right!

Now is time to stop and smell the roses, it is the time to look at our lives and decide which fork in the road we will take. Each moment is a new beginning and we never notice it. Such a waste!

The second lesson our dogs teach us is to be thankful for our bodies. Dogs are very happy with their looks, a shepherd would never dream of wanting to look like a poodle and a Basset would never long for short ears. Dogs gratefully accept the way they were made.

Why do we stand in front of the mirror and moan and groan about all the so-called faults we see, and find it so hard to accept ourselves the as special unique creatures, we are. Each one of us is special in our own way. Dogs know that, why don’t we?

Dogs are not fair weather friends. They do not pretend to like other dogs or people for that matter. They either like the dog next door or they don’t and you cannot convince them that they should. If a dog believes you are a friend nothing you can do will change its mind.

A dog does not care about your social status, the kind of car you drive or whether you bathe or not. A dog, if it likes you, will be your forever friend.

A dog will not be your friend just to get a bigger bone or a second helping of mashed potatoes and gravy.

If a dog wants something, it is not afraid to ask for it. If a dog wants a treat or a belly rub, it finds a way to ask for it. How often do we come out and ask for what we want? We pussyfoot around, hem and haw or think someone should be able to read our minds. We will do anything, but ask directly for what we want. Dogs always take a direct approach. This is a lesson we all should learn. Ask and you shall receive.

Dogs believe in forgiveness. They do not hold grudges. You can step on a dog’s tail, catch its foot in a door or lose your temper with a dog and the dog will overlook it. You really have to be truly bad for a dog to take away its love and friendship. Not so with people, many of us harbor grudges over some of the silliest things. Many of us do not even remember what the word “forgiveness” means. And they say dogs are dumb?

A dog wakes up each morning looking forward to the day ahead. Okay, the dog does not have to go to work, but hey, if your job is so bad, find a happier one.

The fact that you are awake and not six feet under ground is something to be grateful for. The whole purpose of this little article is to nudge you just a little bit into appreciating life. Many of us just barely drag ourselves through each weary day without ever noticing that life is passing us by and there is so much out there to appreciate.

So begin right now to be more like a dog. Wake up eager to seize the day, bark a little if you must, forgive the guy who cut you off, look in the mirror and tell yourself you love you, and since you cannot wag your tail, smile more instead, and have a happy day.

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