Want to Live Longer? Get a cat!

Miss Sadie is out gadding about with her Mom and Pop-pop and has asked me to step in for her and get a new article up and running. Of course, I was happy to oblige and since my Mom (Sadie’s Gram) has a way of conversing with us, we decided to put in a good word on cats.

Cats get a bad rap, most of the time. You hear stories about cat’s smothering babies (has that ever happened, think not.) Cats are sneaky and devious, (never heard or saw a cat passing an ugly rumor along) and cats will destroy your house (sure, we will scratch up a thing or two, if you do not give us a scratching post.)

As far as I am concerned and my Mom agrees, these are just nasty rumors spread about by some dumb dog. I am going to show you that having a cat is good for your health and that you will live a longer and happier life by having a cat. Please notice I said having a cat and not owning one, owning is for people who have dogs. We cats will live with you and love you until our dying day, but we prefer to be individuals, our own person and not owned by anyone. It’s just a cat thing, you know!

A recent study at the Zeenat Qureshi Stroke Center at the University of Minnesota, earlier this year has shown that cat people are less likely to die of heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases than dog owners are. They even took into consideration age, gender, and race and the research still proved that people who have cats do better.

There are still many questions into why this is so and the answers to those questions are still being researched. Once all the questions are answered, it just may prove that having a cat has a positive impact on your cardiovascular health and we will put dogs out of business.

However at this point, the researchers point out, that if you are not a cat lover, getting one may not do anything for your health

Cats offer support to their humans in many ways, cats have been known to lower stress (well okay dogs, do too) levels better than a spouse, or friend.In one research study, where participants had their spouse, friend or cat with them, did better with the cat present than their people. They had lower reactions to stress tests and did better on the math tests than non-pet people.

Granted this study has a lot more work to do, as a cat person may have a more relaxed personality than a non-cat owner, even though it is known that having a cat does lower blood pressure and lower heart rates.

Another study has shown that people who have cats (or dogs) when they are young children are less likely to have pet allergies as they grow up. While adults not exposed to cats (or dogs) when they were young and are introduced to pets as adults have a tendency to develop allergies.

It seems that our immune systems crave activity and back in earlier times there were many deadly parasites to fight off, but now, in modern times there are few things for our immune systems to battle. As a result, the immune system, needing something to do goes after dust mites, pollen and pet dander.

If as a child you stimulated your immune system by having a pet and being outside a lot, you are less likely to be affected in later life by such things as dust mites, pollen or pet dander.

Another recent study has shown that people allergic to cats worldwide, ranges anywhere from 2 to 15 percent of the total world population.What most people are allergic to is a protein in the cat’s sweat glands that is secreted through their saliva called felis domesticus, a light and sticky substance that gets on people’s clothing,

It is my feeling, and this is a cat’s point of view, the next time someone tells you they are allergic to cats, I would be wary of them. More than likely they do not know cats or they do not like cats because with the total world population having such a small percentage of people being allergic to us, I would demand to see a doctor’s note.

Well, that is it for this time, Sadie will be back and I will go home to keep my Mom and Dad healthy and struggle everyday to keep those male cats, my parent insist on having, in line. It is a tough job, but someone has to do it.

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