Pets and Halloween!

Gram and I are sitting here on the patio, but it is not the same, my buddy and friend is not here and I am still very very sad. My mom, pop pop and gram are hard at work trying to find me a new friend, but so far they have not had any good luck. My mom wants a Bloodhound or some similar hound breed. She seems to think that a nice calm dog will be good for me, since Mr. Yule was very laid back. If any of my faithful readers know of a Bloodhound or a similar dog, Mom says not a puppy, cause I am too big, please write by going to Gram's partner page and she will answer your email.

Anyway, Gram and I decided that since Halloween is coming soon, that we need to alert you to some things you should be thinking about.

Ghosts, goblins and creatures of the night will soon be prowling the streets.

Halloween will soon be upon us, small children will be dressed in out landish costumes and the world may turn scary for your dog or cat.

Cats generally have sense to hide when things get a bit much for them.

Dogs on the other hand seem to want to stick around and defend the household from the strange intruders.

Halloween can be a dangerous time for our pets.

As Halloween gets closer and daylight savings time ends, the evenings are suddenly much darker and with that, sometimes “strange behaviors” occur.

What do I mean by that?

Without trying to frighten anyone, I want to make you aware that even in the “best” of neighborhoods as it gets close to Halloween strange things happen, especially in regard to cats.

There are people that during this time of year, get some sort of a “kick” out of hurting small animals, mainly black cats and other cats.

Maybe it is the spirit of witchcraft that fills the air.

Whatever it is, it is best to keep kitty and other small pets in the house as it begins to get dark.

Dogs, too face a stressful time, as children in strange costumes and false faces present a scary picture to a dog.

Granted some dogs will just bark, but others might try to attack the “creature.”

So acting on the side of caution it is wise to keep your dog inside the house.

What other things should you consider as Halloween approaches?

Halloween decorations with candles inside are pretty and cute, but tails on dogs and curious cats can mean serious problems like a fire or hot wax spilled on a pet.

Cats can get serious burns and not realize it, until it is too late, as they like heat.

What would Halloween be without candy?

Chocolate and pets is a no-no.

Candy wrappers especially the foil ones can be ingested and cause your pet some serious problems

Trick or treaters at the door, I love seeing the children all dressed up, but your cat or dog can make a quick escape out the door while you are distracted handing out goodies.

Again, on the side of caution keep your pet in a “safe room” while all this is going on.

The dark of night is no time to go looking for a scared pet.

If you are planning on dressing up your pet for the occasion, first be certain it will not stress the pet out.

Secondly, if you want your pet to greet people at the door, do yourself a favor and the pet, too put your pet’s leach on and fasten it to your wrist.


Just to make certain when Halloween is all over, the two of you are still together.

Happy Halloween! USA, LLC