Piddle Puddles of Excitement!

It has been awhile since Gram and I have sat down on the patio and had a talk about what we were going to write for the day. Gram has not been feeling well and I, well, I guess you could say have not been feeling too cheerful myself.

Mom and Pop-pop have decided I am to be an only dog for a while, this gives me many more privileges than I had before. Two - hundred pound dogs running around the house and in the truck were a bit much and now that I am alone, life has become much easier for my parents.

I am learning to entertain myself and the wild rabbits give me plenty of exercise, can't catch them, but they sure are fun to chase. Mr. Yule frowned upon chasing them, so I did not before, but now it is my entertainment.

Anyway Gram and I decided it might be nice to write about piddling in the house (I don't do that), But we know that there are dogs that do. So here is goes.

Does your dog get overly excited and begin to make puddles on the entry way carpet or the kitchen floor when greeting you or guests?

In case you did not know in a dog’s world, it is normal dog social behavior to urinate when excited or when it is being submissive.

When a dominant or older dog sniffs at a puppy’s groin region or that of another dog; a submissive dog will usually roll over and urinate to show submission.

A submissive or timid dog will also do this when approached by a human that is coming toward it and reaches over the dog’s head or is scolding the dog.

A dog that is excited will react with the same act of urination because is it aroused and happy to see the person or persons.

It happens mainly in younger dogs that have not yet reached the age of complete control over their nervous and muscular systems.

It can also happen if the dog has not been outside in a good while and has a full bladder.

Most dogs outgrow this behavior and there should not be any worry that the resulting urination spots will create a “bathroom area” that your dog will return to.

If your dog is exhibiting this type of behavior or suddenly starts doing it, the first thing you should do is take your dog to your vet for a complete physical examination.

There could be a remote chance that your dog has a urinary tract infection that needs to be taken care of.

If your dog urinates while asleep that too, is a sign that there could be something physically wrong with your pet.

However, if your pet is just doing his /her piddle bit when you come home or a guest arrives there are ways to change the behavior.

The first and easiest way is to totally ignore the dog until it calms down.

If your dog has this problem the worst thing you do when you come home from work is make a big fuss over greeting your dog.

As humans we generally speak in a high voice, we hug and pet the dog and speak all kinds of sweet words. This gets the dog so excited and happy it loses control and the end result is a puddle.

Changing the way we greet will eliminate the puddle.

When you first open the door and while your dog is going around in circles and barking hello, walk on by and ignore it until he/she calms down.

Then speak in a low quiet voice and dispense those welcome pets and scratches. After a time or two your dog will realize that a calm behavior gets the pets and pats.

You can train your guests to do the same thing.

Another way you can change the behavior is to train your dog go and get a favorite toy when you open the door to come in.

This takes away from the desire to jump and piddle and still gets the response your dog wants, your attention and pets.

This will of course, take some time and repetitious training and your part in order to succeed.

You can also teach your dog to sit or shake hands as its greeting to you when you come in the door.

If you dog has a job to do when it sees you open the door it will not think of making a puddle.

The problem here is you have to take some time to teach your dog what you want it to do as its part of the greeting process.

Dogs suffering from a “submissive urination” problem need to develop more self-confidence.

An obedience class will do wonders for a dog suffering from a submissive personality. The training not only gives the dog more confidence of what is expected of it, it will also help to develop a stronger bond between you and your dog.

If working with your dog and establishing a new routine does not help solve the problem, you may possibly consider consulting a behaviorist to help solve the problem and in some cases an anti-anxiety medication may be necessary.

Whatever the problem with a little effort on your part, your carpet can be saved and you and your dog can have a happy puddle free life.

Well, that is it for today, Gram and I hope this has been some helpful information. Until next time, I remain

Your loving Sadie

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