The Real Power of a Pet!

Gram and I are sitting on the patio enjoying the aftermath of what was to be Hurricane Fay, the area where I live with my Mom and Pop-Pop was considered the place where the storm would create the most havoc. But due to very good fortune, the storm sort of dissipated and we are left with a gloomy, slightly windy, but glorious cool day in the middle of August.

Happily the storm gave many people much needed rain, little wind damage and hopefully will wander out into the Atlantic Ocean never to be heard from again.

Meanwhile Gram and I decided we needed to do an article on how pets really do a great deal to make us feel better.

Pets actually can help us improve our health and that is what I am about to reveal to you.

Have you ever thought about the power of a pet?

If you are a cat person, you are aware of the “power” your cat has over the household and you.

But, that is not what I am talking about.

The word pet can mean our animal friend and what they mean to us or pet can mean the gift you give your animal friend, when you give pets and scratches.

Both meanings are very powerful in what they do.

The purpose of today’s article is to rekindle in your mind, the benefits having a pet brings, to our lives and to that of our family.

I want to show you the “silent power” a pet has in creating the people we are.

Many studies have shown that children, who have been brought up in a home that has a pet or pets, grow up to be more caring individuals.Caring for a pet and having it be part of their lives helps a child grow into an individual that has empathy toward other people and what is happening in their world.

Pets also help people who suffer from low self-esteem or are self-centered to focus on something other than themselves. Taking care of a pet teaches nurturing; it brings fulfillment to the person who is caring for the pet.

In many cases having a pet is the first time many people feel love and are able to give love in return. Pets can be trusted, a lot of people cannot be.

Having a pet to talk to, especially for a child helps establish emotional stability. You can tell your secrets to your cat or dog and know that they are safe. Pets accept you for what you are and they do not discriminate; they give unconditional love.

A pet provides all kinds of entertainment. Puppies and kittens are a joy to watch and promote laughter. A family that laughs together will share many happy memories.

Pets can expand your social world. It’s hard to visit a dog park or take a walk without someone stopping to talk to you about your pet. People at parties love to talk about their pets and share stories.

Pets bring about physical contact, you can’t have a pet without touching it and feeling its warmth and love. Many people are afraid of physical contact and a pet helps to release that fear. It is within a pet’s power to bring you to the center of your Universe and fill you with energy, peace, and contentment.

Not only can a pet do all those things, your pet can bring you better health.Petting a cat, dog or anything else that is warm and fuzzy can lower your blood pressure and help keep it down for almost 24 hours. If you are depressed, cuddling and talking to your pet can cure the blues.

Taking your dog out for a walk can help you lose weight and enable you to meet people (what better way to cure the blues.) People who have pets are known to live longer. Perhaps, it could be the responsibility for their care, that make even people who have had heart attacks live longer than people who don’t have pets.

The elderly in nursing homes become rejuvenated after a visit from “therapy pets.” Patients who normally don’t talk will begin to talk about their pet’s visit. The power a pet has over our lives is endless.

Did you know that dogs played a great part in helping with the discovery of insulin for diabetics? A dog is a great pet for a diabetic to have, as it forces them to walk, and exercise is good.

A dog could save your life, many dogs have saved their owners by alerting other people, when they have fallen or collapsed. Cats and dogs have saved people from house fires by waking them up.

In this world of fickle friends and fly-by-night relationships the most dependable thing you can have in your life is a pet. They will love you unconditionally, through thick and thin and in times when “your mother wouldn’t even like you.”

That my friends, is the power of a pet!

Gram and I hope that you enjoyed this article and that it made you realize how lucky you are to have a pet to help keep you healthy.

Until next time, I remain

Your ever lovin Sadie

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