Who is Sadie?

Who or what is this Sadie that has a lot to talk about? Well, Sadie is a very sophisticated young lady that weighs in at 90 plus pounds and has very piercing brown eyes. She is actually a pure bred American Bulldog of the Johnson clan and lives in central Florida with her mom and pop pop and her lifelong partner Mr. Yule.

Sadie knows she is a dog, but prefers to think of herself as one of the girls and acts accordingly. She is very intelligent and has much to say as you will see in future articles. Sadie is very hip and is all knowing about dog stuff and has even learned to tolerate cats and learn about them.

In the future Sadie Dog's Blog, she will teach you how to help your dog and/or cat live a happier and healthier life. Sadie knows all about these things and has consented to let me pass on her knowledge.

Typing is not one of the things that girls like Sadie like to do, she is more into the chores around the house and helping her Pop Pop keep the household in tip top shape. Sadie even has her own hammer that she carries around just in case Pop Pop needs a helping hand.

Even though she is into manual labor that does not disqualify her from being a “girly girl.” She enjoys sitting at the table, gossiping with the girls and enjoying a treat or two.

Sadie feels that if she can teach more humans about dog and cat stuff the happier we all will be. Sadie knows that there are many humans that do not know very much about caring for their pets. Putting down a dish of dry food and a bowl of water does not make a person a proper caregiver of a dog or cat according to Sadie. There is much to learn about the problems dogs and cats face, and if necessary, correcting behavior problems (heaven forbid.)

Sadie is anxious to share her knowledge with you, and I know you will be very grateful to her, as time goes on. This girl has more information in her front left paw than most people have in their whole heads.

So let the knowledge roll, as we begin the wonderful world of Sadie Dog's Blog!