Easy Holiday Shopping

Well, Gram says it is that time of the year again and humans have to think of shopping for the holidays. I am not too certain what that means as I do not shop. I like the Holidays though, as it means Gram will bake some special cookies for me and her other dog friends. She does a really good gingerbread man that I just love.

So for those of you that need to shop, here is some of Grams ideas.

Thanksgiving is just a blink away and after that the air fills with a certain excitement (or is it dread) and the shopping frenzy begins.

I am an arm chair shopper. I have always loved catalogs.

They do a two-fold purpose, they let you choose your gifts, order them and then if you are like me, and you forget what you ordered.

When the packages arrive, it is like Christmas, seeing the treasures I had ordered and didn’t remember.

Well, times have changed and now I order gifts on-line, the premise is the same as catalogs, but somehow it is more fun.

With that thought in mind, I have been doing some shopping research for the pet lovers on your list and maybe a few things for you or your pet.

The first stop on my list is Smarthome. If electronics dominate your list, this is the place to shop, both for the pets and people.

Smarthome has electronic aids to help control barking, the newest in pet doors, automatic feeders for food and water, plus many other items for pets, along with a great gift items for people on your list.

Smarthome, Inc.

I realize that telling someone about giving vitamins or nutritional supplements as a Christmas gift might seem a little silly, but think about the person on your list, that may be on a tight budget and cannot afford to get the little extra things for their pet or themselves.

Swanson Vitamins has been American's Vitamin Superstore since 1969. They not only have the best prices, they now carry organically grown fruits and nuts. It is a great place to shop on line.

Swanson Home Page

My website and blog are geared to cats and dogs, so naturally the things I am presenting to you are focusing on pets. Common sense tells me that you do not have a long list of pets on your gift list, but let me just plant this little seed in your mind.

A gift that is directed toward a person’s pet, maybe the best gift that human will receive. Why?

Think tight budgets that allow for very little extras.

I have always enjoyed being a grandparent, especially when my grandchildren were little. Why? It was “get even” with my kids time, as I would buy the noisiest toys I could find as gifts for my grandchildren.

Well, now the grandchildren are grown and noisy toys are passe, but my kids now have dogs.

DogToys. com has helped me continue my evil ways by having the most wonderful supply of the noisiest dog toys, I have ever found. This site is so much fun, just to sit in front of your computer and play with the toys, as you can hear all the noises. Even if you are not as evil as I am, visit this site and buy some toys.

On-line shopping is a smart way to go through your gift list, the possibilities are endless and you can really get some “different” gifts for those special people on your list.

During the next few weeks I plan on giving you a few more ideas that hopefully will help you get through your list in record time and end up with wonderful surprises for all your special people.

Happy shopping!

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