Why Should We Spay or Neuter?

My Gram paid an extra visit to our house this week and so we had another chance to visit. My Mom was feeling under the weather and that prompted Gram to come over with the proverbial “chicken soup” cure.

We were sitting out on the patio discussing the fact that spring is not far away, not that we have had much of a winter this year in Florida, but there is a certain feeling in the air that reminds us of the coming of spring. With the thoughts of spring came the thoughts of puppies and of course, kittens.

Since I have been spayed I really have no great maternal feelings, though I do love my stuffed squirrel a lot. However, Gram was in a philosophical mood and I guess, decided I needed a talk about the birds and the bees and the reasons why my Mom had me spayed.

Gram went on to say how important it is to have your pets spayed or neutered. She said that many people have the misconception that they are doing their pet a disservice if they have the surgery done. There is some idea that the female will miss the chance to become a mother, and feel cheated out of the experience, and that the males will feel like they have lost their “manhood,” whatever that is!

Personally, I can say I have never missed the fact that I never had a litter of puppies running around. It is said that once a litter has been born and left the nest, their mom would not recognize them again even if they wore name tags.

As far as the male thinking they have lost their “manhood,” what do they know about being a “man,” since we were born dogs and being dogs is the thing we do best. I guess it is a guy thing, you know the sex part, and if you are neutered you sort of forget about it and that must worry some humans. My feeling is, what you don’t know you cannot possibly miss. Anyway, enough about this birds and bee stuff, let’s get down to facts!

By spaying and neutering your pets you are keeping hundreds and maybe thousands of unwanted pets from being born and eventually euthanised. The animal shelters are filled with cats and dogs that no one wants and we know what happens to them.

By spaying your female you eliminate a whole bunch of possible female problems. Mammary cancer will be eliminated in later years, which alone is one big thing. However, there is also pyometra which is a disease that some females get after they go through a heat cycle. It is caused by pus in the uterine cavity and is a very serious condition requiring possible surgery.

There is also the possibility of vaginal hyperplasia which the gross swelling of the vaginal wall during a normal heat cycle. Then there is uterine torsion which is the twisting of the uterus that can occur during pregnancy, not to mention uterine prolapse which is the bulging of the uterus into the vaginal tract. And if that is not enough there is also the possibility of a variety of infections, cysts, and cancers of the uterus and ovaries.

Whew! I am certainly glad, I do not have all those things to look forward, too.

On the male side of the coin, the guys do not have as many chances at problems as we girls do, but neutering is still very beneficial to their health, also. Neutering prevents all kinds of prostate problems from occurring. It seems the testicles can cause all sorts of cancers, some of which can be fatal.

A spayed or neutered pet is a better pet, we are calmer, less apt to run off and look for love in all the wrong places, and it will save you money in vet bills in the long run.

We will not get “fat” and lazy, that will only happen if you offer us too much food and you do not allow us enough exercise. Just like you we will gain weight if left to just eat and sleep.

We will be as protective of you and your family as before, spaying and neutering will not change our feelings for you.

In fact we will probably love you more, as our natural born feelings of looking for love outside our home will be gone. In fact as the newscaster often says on the late night news, “do you know where your children are,” you will know we are home, right where we belong.

Until next time, I remain

Your Sadie