Summer Fun for You and Your Dog

Summer time is here and you and your dog are itching to get outdoors and play, but in many places the summer sun is too hot for too much frisbee playing.

However, you are thinking that your dog could use some type of training instead of running helter and skelter through the dog park every day.

Dogs have become a very important part of our lives and there are now classes for you and your dog in just about anything you and your dog want to learn.

Looking with the help of the internet, the bulletin board at your veterinarian’s, your local animal shelter and checking the bulleting boards at your local pet stores, you will be certain to find just the right activity for you and your dog.

To make things a bit easier I will list ten of the most popular activities.

  • Plain old obedience: Teaches you how to communicate with your dog and teaches your dog to be a welcome member of society.

  • Believe it or not there are classes to teach you and your dog how to do tricks. Actually the dog learns the tricks and you learn how to teach them to the dog.

  • Outdoor obedience classes: These classes are so very important. Dogs generally will behave in the house and close quarters. However, once out in the open air, they easily forget their names. Look for a teacher that holds classes in a fenced in area and limits the class size to no more that 4 or 5 dogs and masters.

  • Tracking: This can not only be fun teaching your dog to follow a scent, but you might someday be able to save a life by finding a lost child or elderly person.

  • Puppy training classes: One of the most important things in a young puppy’s life is socialization. It is so important to have a puppy learn to play and associate with other dogs and people. Find an instructor that deals in small classes and allows the puppies to have playtime for socializing after each session.

  • Intensive Recall classes: This is so important not only for you to have such control, but for the safety of dog. These classes should teach your dog to come to you, no matter what it is doing or who it is playing with, the moment you call him/her. Your dog should already be socialized and has learned to play well with other dogs.

  • Agility training: This is great training for you and your dog. Be certain that your dog is healthy and is capable of running obstacle courses. It is a great way for you and your dog to become a team.

  • Canine Good Citizen classes: Are generally sponsored by the AKC. Once your dog attends the classes and passes the test at the end of the sessions, he/she will become a certified Canine Good Citizen and should be welcome anywhere you want to take your dog.

  • Canine Freestyle: If you are in a dancing mood or are looking for something to entertain your guests at your next big party. Try a canine freestyle class, where you and your dog learn to perform choreographed steps to music. This class allows you and your dog to perform all the tricks he/she knows and then some.

  • Flyball: If you have an active dog that loves balls, this is for him/her. It is a four dog relay team that maneuvers over hurdles (one dog at a time) catches a tennis ball that is released and then does the hurdles again. Does not sound exactly like my kind of fun, but then I am not a dog that loves tennis balls.

    To get the benefit out of any of these classes you have to practice with your dog. Once a week will not cut it, you need to work the classes into your everyday life.

    Dogs love learning and pleasing you and you will be surprised how much fun you will derive out of it, too. USA, LLC