The Vicktory Dogs!

It is Saturday morning and Gram and I are sitting on the patio having our usual morning talk. However, today, Gram brought over a magazine and started reading me an article. While she was reading it, I suggested that maybe we should put the information she was reading in our blog.

Everyone knows the story of Michael Vicks, the ex-NFL Star and his pit bulls, I doubt if many know the story of where some of the dogs are.

My Gram is a firm believer and loving supporter of the Best Friends Sanctuary in Kenab, Utah and the magazine she was reading to me was from the sanctuary, where 22 of the pit bulls were taken for rehabilitation.

Best Friends is a no kill shelter that takes care of hundreds of homeless animals, Gram says there probably is not an animal living that Best Friends won’t take.

Anyway back to our story about these Vicktory Dogs, right now they are learning how to relax, play and how to love. Some will be adopted out to homes that have experienced people, who know how to handle not only pit bulls, but also dogs that have been mistreated. Those who cannot be adopted out will live their lives out in the beautiful natural environment of Best Friends.

Gram thought we ought to tell you why Pit Bulls get such a bad rap for being such mean and vicious dogs. To begin with they are too trusting and loyal, that is their nature and they have an inner desire to please. Many people, who know this, take advantage of their nature and train them to do things that the dogs do not know is wrong.

Dogs are followers, they always will follow a leader, and being dogs, do not have the ability to know right from wrong.

The people who train dogs to fight try to make them friendly to people and aggressive to other dogs. The training is very cruel and most dogs that go through this training do not make the cut and are used as bait dogs or are killed. Some are even abandoned on the streets and end up in shelters to be eventually killed. Many of the dogs because of the cruel treatment and training are extremely fearful of humans.

Unfortunately dog fighting is a cultural thing and has grown into a billion-dollar industry. Many dogs are raised and trained in communities that are considered ‘at risk.” Meaning poverty and lack of employment make these areas prime places for people to try and make money, raising and training dogs for fighting.

Over the past year Best Friends has been working on developing a model program that works with churches and civic groups in “at-risk” communities on the intrinsic relationship of domestic and youth violence – and their relationship to dog fighting in these communities.

Best Friends is also helping to get legislation through the Georgia state senate, which will work as a model for other states to follow for the prevention of this type of business.

Why did Best Friends take these 22 dogs? They felt that these dogs were the ultimate victims of a horrible crime. This sanctuary could not bear the thought that these dogs would be held as evidence for a court hearing and then put to death.

What kind of message does that send to other humane groups that are trying to save animals all over the country.

What is the future of these dogs? Gram and I are hoping that some of them will be adopted to forever homes, and those that are not able to be adopted out will have a forever home at the sanctuary. They will be taught behaviors and life skills that will make them good, happy and healthy dogs.

These dogs for the most part were afraid of humans because of the treatment they received, however with the love and affection they are now receiving at the sanctuary, they are learning to trust and become what they were intended to be from the beginning, loving and trusting dogs.

After talking with Gram about these poor dogs, it made me realize how lucky Mr. Yule and I are. We have a loving home and all the creature comforts two dogs could ever need or want. It makes me feel sad that not all dogs and cats too are not so lucky as we are.

Gram also had a great idea, if you are so inclined to see what Best Friends is all about visit their site at Best Friends Animals Society.

Until next time, I remain

Your Sadie