Words of Warning!

Since Sadie is still on vacation, I decided I would give our readers some food for thought.

With the weather turning into springtime and the urge to get out and walk becomes almost burning desire; most of us love to take our dogs with us.

When its possible to run errands with our dog, we do it and what do some of us do, that is really unsafe for our pets and honestly for us, too?

We tend to tie our dogs up outside of the business place we are visiting.

Now, why is that not a good idea?

Well, first of all, your very friendly dog could bite someone, who is innocently passing by and may want to pet your dog.

It is a great temptation to want to pet a nice looking dog. I know I have done it many times. The problem here is, we never know what provokes a dog into biting. It could be a falling leaf or a noise from a car that frightens the dog, just as the person’s hand is coming down for a loving pet.

But, it happens and more frequently than you can imagine. Be certain your dog has all its shots and they are up to date. The problem here is you can and are liable for all the medical bills.

Children are the most frequently bitten, as they basically have little or no fear of dogs.

Another situation is, a strange dog could attack your peaceful dog. Dogs that are tied and in an unfamiliar place can feel threatened and a dogfight can easily occur.

Your dog can be stolen, especially if it is friendly to most people. More than two million companion pets are stolen each year, according to StolenPets.com.

The dog can become entangled with its leash and cut off circulation to its neck or other body parts. Some people would help in that kind of situation, but many would be afraid to touch a strange dog.

Barking, dogs that are not happy in whatever situation they find themselves in are apt to bark incessantly. Depending on the area in which you are doing your errands this can lead to a few problems for you, especially if it were near a restaurant that had outside dining.

The necessity of having to relieve itself, to urinate or defecate, on the sidewalk can also lead to problems, again if it is near a restaurant or public area. Many communities have strict ordinances regarding dog messes.

The temperament of your dog is another thing to consider. Never leave a hyper dog and/or an aggressive dog, tied up to a parking meter or other object. A hyper dog can break loose and run into traffic and get hit; the aggressive one can bite someone.

If you feel you must take your dog with you while running errands, try to organize the errands and only do the ones that are convenient for you to take your dog.

When you are in public, it is most important, that you have your dog with you, not only for its safety, but yours and the people around you.

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