Calico Kitty Soda

by Sheryll
(Rockies, Co)

Sleepy Soda

Sleepy Soda


I enjoy this site! I stumbled upon it by accident, I was looking for information about cats and colds. My kitty, a 12 year old Calico named Soda, seems to have come down with a cold. At least that's what I think she has, after reading the useful article from this site. Thank you for offering all the great info, Soda thanks you too!

I also will share a new tip which seemed to help Soda immensely! I made homemade chicken soup, just the broth, (prior to adding the veggies, herbs and spices). I gave her some of this mild, tepid temperature soup and she perked up this morning. She was sneezing and coughing for 3 days, really red nose! But she is definitely on her way to recovery, I think the soup helped her!
I will watch her and if the symptoms come back, I'll run her to the vet.

Thanks again for the great website!

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