It is not essential that cats have any carbohydrate in their diets but they can use it as a source of energy. Dry foods contain carbohydrates and some canned foods are completely free of carbohydrate.


Cats do not need carbohydrates. The carbohydrates in most dry food averages 30 – 50 % of the total nutritional value of the food. Even dry food that boasts of a high protein content does not contain it. In order for the food to be “dry” it has to be cooked for long periods of time and cooking with high heat destroys most of nutritional value.

Feeding your cat food that is basically high in carbohydrates is very detrimental to your kitty’s health.

A high quality canned cat food only contains 3 -5 % carbohydrates compared to the dry food.

Canned food also contains water.

Cats as a general rule are not water drinkers. They are not like dogs that will drink water at the drop of a bowl. As a result if your cat is completely on a dry food diet and does not drink sufficient water, kitty is a candidate for common kidney and bladder problems.

Canned cat food contains nearly 75 -78 % water, which is close to the amount of water that would be in a mouse if your cat were out hunting for its dinner.

I also learned from several sources that even the “highly recommended cat foods” that our vets suggest are not as healthy for our cats as they should be. Some highly respected makers of cat food use preservatives that are detrimental to our cat’s health.

As carbohydrates cause a rise in blood sugar many cats end up with diabetes. Kidney failure is caused by the lack of sufficient water in dry food. Even some prescription dry foods recommended for kidney problems are seriously lacking in water content and should be avoided. Cats like their human counterparts need water.

Obesity in cats is a common and serious problem. Overweight cats are more than likely to become candidates for diabetes. Carbohydrates from dry food again are the culprit.

Dry food was proclaimed to be the saver of cat’s teeth. Supposedly chewing the dry food cleaned the teeth, unfortunately most cats swallow dry food whole, chewing very little of it and what does get chewed usually gets stuck between their teeth. There it ferments causing dental problems.

There are some cats that get hooked on canned tuna fish that is packaged for humans. I agree that this is a good source of protein, but tuna canned for human consumption does not have all the vitamins and minerals a cat needs for good health. I give my cats some “human tuna” on occasion as a special treat, but do not recommend it as a daily food for any cat.

If you are having a problem with your cat’s diet or need advice concerning your cat’s health, contact your vet as soon as possible