easy mind system

A system used by FiFe to replace colour and breed names with a simple alphanumerical system. It is not genetically based nor does language create any barriers. The 1st part of the EMS code is written in uppercase and denotes breeds (e.g. BUR = Burmese). The 2nd part denotes recognised colour and uses letters in lower case (e.g. "b" is a chocolate). The 3rd part denotes patterns via a numerical code (e.g. 23 = mackerel tabby). The fourth part is used for eye colour specification and uses numerical values. (eye colour is left out for breeds such as Burmese, Siamese etc) . The 5th part is used for a few breed specific codes and is also numerical (e.g. 51 = rumpy Manx). Thus a Chocolate Silver tabby point Devon Rex would be DRX bs 21 33.

SOURCE: cat-world.com.au