tabby pattern

Mackerel Tabby, Classic Tabby (also referred to as Blotched Tabby), Spotted Tabby, a pattern of contrasting colour "superimposed" over a ground colour.


A bit of information on the Tabby and the Tortoiseshell Persian.

Pretty is as pretty does and the Tabby Persian and the Tortoiseshell Persian are about as pretty as you can get.

The tabbies, as they are known, come in two patterns the “classic” (wide stripes and rings on the side) and the mackerel (narrow stripes with a narrow saddle).

The Tortoiseshell has a coat of two colors that is intermingled (red and black or blue and cream.)

Most torties, because of the genetics are females.

I have not known any Persians and from looking at pictures in many cat magazines, I had the feeling that they were as “snooty” as they looked.

It is with a red face and deepest apologies that I say, “I am sorry.”

I have found out that Persians are very loving, self confident, trusting and not your everyday sort of cat.

Persians enjoy people and attention.

On the negative side the biggest challenge is grooming, they need to be combed or brushed every day or mats and snarls will form.

Many people have their cat’s coat cut during the summer in what is known as a “lion cut,” which leaves the head, mane and tail long and furry, but the body coat is sheared.

Persians should also be bathed monthly and have their eyes cleaned with a cloth and warm water daily.

As far as health is concerned most Persians are fairly healthy, some may have an inherited kidney disease known as polycystic kidney disease (PKD,) be certain to check with the breeder to see if the cat has been tested for this disease.

Occasionally, some Persians will have breathing difficulties, due to their short faces and small noses.

If you can handle the grooming, you will find that a Tabby or Tortoiseshell Persian will give you so much enjoyment, you will wonder how you ever managed without one.