Siamese x Burmese cross, intermediate in form and color. Colors are "mink" range. Spotted, ticked, tabby, tortie and tabby-tortie Tonkinese are seen in Australia, as is the silver series of Tonkinese.

CFA Pedigreed Breed


I am told this cat will talk to you and will listen. Now any cat that will listen to me talk is my "kind of cat."

From what I understand this breed of cat is really a companion and a conversationalist. (That’s my kind of cat.)

Tonkinese love to play, are very social, they get along well with children and seem to get along with other pets including large dogs.

Most breeders say if you are going to get a Tonkinese, get two, as they really enjoy company and in my opinion they need someone who speaks their language.

Tonkinese are talkers, I have been told they speak in sentences and will talk back if scolded.

On the downside because of their curiosity, you need be very careful going out an outside door. They want to know what is on the other side and if you are not careful that could lead to trouble.

This breed of cat loves everyone and will go to anyone, which is why it is imperative that you keep a close eye on the cat and the door.

The Tonkinese is the result of breeding a Siamese to a Burmese.

It has been said that in days gone by that there were pictures of cats resembling the Tonkinese. However , it was in the 1960’s that the breed began to take off and in 1979 the breed was recognized by the CFA and considered championship material in 1984.

There are 12 different coat combinations, four standard colors and three different patterns.

They are low maintenance, need lots of love and attention and are really quite healthy. The only health problem seems to be gingivitis, which means that when you get a kitten, it is recommended that you start early on brushing its teeth.