Cats Are My Favorite Pets

by Susie

I have a Siamese cat named Tiffany. I have got it from one of my friends as a birthday gift. When I first got her, she was only 2 months old. Now she is almost 2. Tiffany is beautiful and I fell in love with her right away. She is cinnamon-colored with blue eyes and her fur shines. I love petting her on my lap and listening to her purring voice.

Tiffany is very intelligent and a very approachable Siamese cat. She likes to sit on the window bench in my house and play with her toys. She always is always doing such cute things, which makes her even more adorable to me. For one thing, she likes to lie on my desk near my keyboard. Not sure why she does that though. It must be the clicking sound. Tiffany also likes to sit on the dryer when it's on so I leave a small rug there. Hey, she might as well be comfortable and warm!

We didn't have a great start to our relationship, I must admit. Because I had never owned a cat before, I didn't know much about raising one. At first, Tiffany didn't want to eat the types of foods I gave her to eat. It didn't take long before she started to look thin and malnourished. My vet told me what types of food to try for a picky eater.

What worked best for Tiffany was something that a good friend suggested. I arranged for the cat to have 3 acupuncture treatments. Ever since then Tiffany has enjoyed her food. She also seemed more relaxed after the treatments. I know that they were worth the money, even if my mom shakes her head and disagrees. Tiffany is my first cat so she has a special place in my heart. Not sure if I'll ever switch over to dogs.

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