Increase that Special Bond by Grooming Your Dog

Increase that special bond by grooming your dog.

It is important to start grooming your dog when it is a young puppy.

It not only creates a bond, but establishes a feeling of trust.

Dogs enjoy being clean and brushed, but to them it is not a matter of great importance.

Most dogs submit to grooming very happily because it means being close to you.

It is important to start the process when your puppy is young, especially if you have a dog with long hair.

Brushing feels good, it stimulates blood circulation and it helps build the bond between master and dog.

A good place to start is by reading up on your breed of dog.

As there are many types of hair, each needing a different kind of brush.

Short hairs such as Beagles and Great Danes need a soft bristle brush or what is called a “slicker brush.” You can also use a soft cloth to wipe off loose dirt and hair.

Medium or silky haired dogs such as Golden Retrievers, Irish Setters need a wire or firm bristle brush to untangle knots.

Yorkies, Afghans need a firm long bristled brush to go through their hair.

While Shih Tzu’s and Lhasa Apso’s need a firm pinhead brush for their coats along with a toothbrush to help keep their faces free from tangles.

Double coated dogs such as German Shepherds and Sheep Dogs need several things such as a slick brush to untangle mats, a pin brush and a wide tooth comb.

Rat Terriers, Bulldogs and Rotties need firm bristle brush for their coats.

Most dogs that are taken for long walks on concrete seldom need their nails clipped. However, if you hear your dog “clicking” along on your wood or tile floors, it is possible that their nails are too long.

Long walks are good for you and your dog.

If your dog is not taken out for long walks and they are what I consider lap dogs it is possible for you to clip their nails.

It is important that you start the process when they are young puppies. If you start young and the dog is used to you handling its paws, clipping its nails should be fairly easy.

It is important that you have your vet or dog groomer show you the correct procedure and that you have a good set of clippers.

If your dog is a larger breed I would suggest you have your vet clip its nails. However, even if you do not do it, it is a good idea to handle the paws from puppy hood on so that the dog is used to people handling its feet. This would be a great help for your vet or dog groomer.

Bathing your dog more than once a month is usually not necessary unless your dog gets into something “yucky.” Too frequent bathing depletes the oil in the skin.

There are many kind of shampoos on the market, it is best to use a shampoo that is made for a dog rather than using “people” shampoo or dish detergent.

When bathing your dog be careful or its ears and eyes, dogs like people do not like soap in their eyes and excess water in their ears could cause problems.

Keeping your dogs ears clean is an important part of the grooming process.

Long floppy eared dogs need special care. It is important to get any burrs out along with matted hair.

Clean the ears with warm water and a cotton ball, be extremely careful if you use a Q-tip.

Watch for a dark waxy substance as that might be a sign of ear mites.

Ear mites can be spread from animal to animal, call your vet at once if you think your dog has them.

Your dog’s teeth are another important part of the grooming process.

Again this is something you need to start doing when your puppy is very young.

Put your finger in your puppy’s mouth and rub its gums, this will get him used to you handling his mouth. After your dog seems comfortable with that procedure, wrap some gauze around your finger (dip your finger in some gravy or something your dog likes) and do that for a few days until your puppy seems comfortable.

The next step is using a dog toothbrush and some dog toothpaste (do not use people toothpaste.)

Brushing your dog’s teeth is very important for its health. Tarter can lead to gingivitis and dental problems.

One of the best things you can do for your dog is to give it knucklebones and plenty of chew toys. These will help clean your dog’s teeth and keep him/her from chewing other things you don’t want them to.

Your puppy/dog’s health is an important matter and grooming plays an extremely important part in keeping your dog healthy.

It is one way you can keep tabs on what is going on with your dog. You will be able to notice any growths that may be forming, any skin disruptions that may have appeared and it will alert you to any signs that “something” has changed.

Our dogs are our faithful companions and the love they give us can not be measured. It is our job as their caregivers to make certain they are well cared for health wise and to give them our love and devotion along with making them smell good.