Pet Odors

Having a pet is a wonderful experience most of the time; however, once in a while we are faced with the problem of pet odors.

Pet odors can come from a accident in the house or from a “stinky pet.”

What I will try to do here, is address a few of the problems that can affect our cats and dogs thus causing odors and then I will talk about solving the “accident odors.”

What causes “stinky pets?”

Well, there are some health problems and then there is a problem or two that pets get into on their own.

If your pet (cat or dog) has an odor problem that seems to come and go and the smell is somewhat fishy, the cause most likely is an anal gland problem.

Both cats and dogs have anal gland sacs that need to be expressed (a polite word) at times. These sacs are located on either side of the anus and have to be squeezed at one time or another.

This is a simple procedure that a pet owner can do, however, my suggestion is take your pet to the vet and let them have the pleasure of doing the deed. The smell can be a bit over powering, plus the vet can check to see if there are any problems in that area.

Bad breath is another cause for concern; again this is a problem shared by both cats and dogs.

Causes can range from a dental problem, oral cancer, or a kidney condition, all of which need to be treated by your vet.

Cats normally are very fastidious; keeping themselves clean is usually a full time job for a cat.

However, if your cat is obese (yes, there are many in that condition) it is very likely that it cannot reach areas that need cleaning after using the litterbox and the accumulation of urine and feces can cause your cat to smell.

Many times cats that are arthritic or elderly have the same problem. My answer to that is a little TLC on your part with a warm wet washcloth to clean those areas.

If your cat has suddenly stopped grooming itself, it is time for a trip to the vet as your pet may be suffering from diabetes or hyperthyroidism.

Ears are another source of smell. Ear infections in cats and dogs can create odors that can be overwhelming.

Long-eared dogs like cocker spaniels are prone to ear infections and stinky smells. A trip to the vet will help clear up an ear infection and make the smell go away.

Skin disease problems are another source of odor. Cats as a general rule do not suffer very often from skin problems.

Dogs on the other hand, are frequent recipients of different types of dermatitis conditions. Again, it is another trip to your vet to solve this condition in order to make your dog happy and odor free.

Sometimes the house just smells, like the neighborhood kennel and you are embarrassed when friends come calling.

Litterbox smells can overpower the house, especially if the cat has to make a deposit at an inopportune time.

Spraying a scented spray, scented candles or incense is not always the answer, as someone maybe allergic to the scent. Cutting a lemon or two in half and placing them near the litterbox, cut side up will absorb the odor and make the room smell fresh.

Weekly washing of the dog’s bedding, blanket and/or the covers of its favorite sleeping places can cure a doggy smell in the house.

Bathing your dog using a scented dog shampoo, on a regular basis can solve the “wet smell” dog odor, but do not bathe too often, as too frequent bathing can cause skin conditions. The secret here is for you to dry the dog thoroughly, before setting it free to roll around.

Vacuuming regularly helps to keep odors down and shampooing the carpets on a yearly basis will help.

For dog and cat toilet accidents, there are many good enzyme cleaners on the market. White vinegar and water with a little dish detergent will work in a pinch as will lemon juice and water.

Do not rub the stain, blot it.

Use paper towels or regular color fast towels to absorb the stain and then clean the stain with the vinegar or lemon mixture, dabbing not rubbing and then blotting.

Do not use ammonia or an ammonia based product as that will attract the pet back to the spot. For more tips on removing pet odors and stains read my article called Stains Be Gone

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